Top 5 benefits of sweet potato leaves

Jan 27, 2017

  • 1

    Antioxidant properties

    Sweet potatoes have been found to contain a high amount of antioxidants, making it suitable in combating inflammatory problems like asthma, arthritis, gout, etc. Also,vitamin C makes it great for fighting off free radicals thus preventing premature aging and disease.


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  • 2

    Promote a healthy gut

    The significant amount of dietary fiber, especially when eaten with the skin, helps to promote a healthy digestive tract, relieving constipation and also helps prevent colon cancer. Making a drink of the Sweet Potato Leaves really works wonders for GI distress.


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  • 3

    Reduces inflammation

    The high beta carotene content in sweet potato is the key anti-inflammatory compound that makes it a natural painkiller. You can eat it steamed, or juiced to benefit from its painkilling properties.


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  • 4

    Regulates blood glucose levels

    The leaves of sweet potato are suitable for diabetic consumption as it contains  a very good blood sugar regulator that helps to stabilize and lower insulin resistance.


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  • 5

    Maintains heart health

    Sweet Potato Leaves can lower blood pressure and also help with anxiety and stress. The dietary fibers present in these magical leaves regulate the flow of blood and prevent any fat deposition in arteries and veins.


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