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Top Cures for Hiccups

A slight digestive disturbance and you are put to orbit on an eternal ride with hiccups. But, save heart because we have compiled some of the top cures for hiccups if just drinking water does not help much.

Fashion & Beauty By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 19, 2014


Hiccups are more than a reflex and occur when a spasm contracts the diaphragm. This spasm results in intake of breath that is suddenly stopped by the closure of the vocal cords. This closure causes the hiccup sound and it is known to be quite an annoyance. Here is the list of the cures for Hiccups.

Drink Water

One of the easiest and effective solutions to stop hiccups is to drink some water. Drinking a glass of water has been an effective method to cure hiccups, especially in young children and infants. Cold water seems to be even more effective.

Baking Soda

Take two tablespoons of baking soda, two teaspoons of aromatic ammonia and around four ounces of peppermint and prepare a solution. Drinking one spoon of this solution will help you cure the spasms.

Breathing exercises

One of the most common remedies to treat hiccups is breathing exercise. Breathe in and out into a paper bag for about 10 times. It is more effective when you breathe more rapidly than normally. It will also help you get the breathing back to normal.


Some remedies can be tasty as well. Sugar is one such cure for hiccups. Take half tea spoon of dry sugar and place it on the back of your tongue and repeat it three times in a day. This will help you treat the unwanted hiccups.


Enjoy the taste of lemon? It can also help you with sudden hiccups. Sucking on to a slice of lemon can help you cure the hiccups. The bitter flavor presumably shocks the senses into curtailing the hiccup spasms.


Stimulation of vagus nerve stops the diaphragm spasms from causing hiccups. The easiest way to stimulate the vagus is to tickle the back of the roof of the mouth with a cotton swab. Be gentle while you do it.

Uvula lift

Another way to cure hiccups is by lifting the uvula which is the hanging sack of the throat with a dinner spoon or Popsicle stick. These effective solutions can help you with the hiccups.


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