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Top 7 Tricks for Smooth and Painless Waxing

Full body wax can prove to be super painful. But many of us need it, especially the bride-to-be. Rejoice you ladies because we have brought to you some magical tricks that can make waxing smooth and painless.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Mar 22, 2015

Get Rid of That Pokey Hair

Flaunting soft and smooth skin is something that almost every woman loves to do. Thanks to the new-age hair removal techniques, it is not even difficult to get such a skin. However, for a lot of women, the process of getting rid of body hair is quite too painful, especially if they follow the process of waxing. And, for the soon-to-be brides, who plan to get their entire body waxed for the first time, mere thought of the same can give them nightmares, especially when it comes to the bikini area. Well, we know you bear this pain just because waxing is one of the most effective ways to get rid of body hair. But, do you know that with a few tricks, you can reduce the pain you experience in this process? If your answer is no, then you must read this till the end.

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Take Warm Bath

Always make sure you take a warm bath before getting the waxing done, so as to slightly open your pores. This gives your hair an easy exit point and when the strip is pulled, you feel less pain. But, do not moisturise your body, as the oils will seep through your pores and will prevent hair from sticking to the wax. However, if you cannot skip moisturising, then make sure you do so using a water-based moisturiser.

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Exfoliation is a good exercise to get rid of dead skin cells that serve no purpose except clogging up your pores. So, exfoliate before getting yourself waxed, so that it opens up the pores and removes the dead skin cells that trap your body hair, especially the ingrown ones. This will facilitate the removal of hair from roots, and will give your skin a smooth look.

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Get it Done by Experts

Unless you are quite an expert yourself, do not think of waxing your body on your own. Doing it on your own, without knowing the right technique might cause various skin issues, like bumps, rashes, redness, itchiness, etc. So, make sure you always head to the parlour and let the experts do their job.

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Be Careful with Brazilian

For those graduating to Brazilian from bikini wax, it is better to learn some yoga poses, as they will make you more flexible. The enhanced flexibility of your body will make things quite easier for your waxing expert. And, as the process of waxing will become faster, you will have to bear the pain for less time. Also, make sure you tell your expert to apply slightly cooler wax on your pubic area. This is because, what might feel warm on your hand, will actually feel hot on your bikini area. And, by applying wax of same temperature on your pubic area as you apply on your other body parts, you might end up with burns.

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Trim Hair before Bikini Wax

If you plan to get the bikini wax done, you should ideally trim your hair to about a quarter of an inch (or one-eighth). If you will leave the hair long, it may break above the roots and make the process more painful. Also, make sure you do not trim it too short because then it would not stick to the wax, and will hurt more due to repeated pulling.

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Avoid Waxing over Damaged Skin

In case you have a cut, pimple, or any other bruise on your skin, then it is better to postpone your plans to get yourself waxed. The process of waxing on a damaged part of your skin will only add to the pain.

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Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine before Waxing

Usually, alcohol and caffeine tend to make skin more sensitive and also tighten the pores of your skin. And, both these things simply add to the pain that you get during waxing. So, do not take alcohol or caffeine before your appointment, or postpone your plan for the next day. Also, keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

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