Top 10 Womens Health concerns

Mar 21, 2014

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    Diseases Women are Most Prone to

    From heart diseases to breast cancer there are several health problems that are more likely to happen to women than men. So. here is a look at some of them that all women should know of and how they can prevent it and keep themselves safe.

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    Heart Diseases

    This comes as a surprise to a lot of women and even men because it is popularly believed that it is men who get down with heart diseases. But the truth is that women have more heart attacks than men. Heart diseases account for at least 27 percent of female deaths worldwide. Fortunately, there are lots of lifestyle changes that can be followed to prevent heart diseases and these include quitting smoking and alcohol consumption, having a heart healthy diet, exercising, etc.

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    Cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, accounting for 27 percent of female deaths. To many women's surprise, among all the cancer forms, the one that they are the most at risk of is not breast cancer, but lung cancer. It is lung cancer that that claims the most lives every year. One can introduce some lifestyle changes to prevent one-third of all the cancers.

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    Stroke has a significant amount of risk to every woman's health in teh world. Not only is it said to account to several deaths per year, it is also a reason why a lot of women experience long-term disability. At least about 60 percent of the total stroke deaths happen to women. Lifestyle changes can help to prevent stroke but if it strikes, the best thing to do is to call the emergency number immediately.

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    Alzheimer's Disease

    Alzheimer's disease is a brain disorder that is degenerative in nature and is responsible for at least four percent of female deaths each year in the U.S alone. Statistics show that it is women who suffer more from this disease compared with men. In fact, the most deaths that happen because of Alzheimer's disease occur among women.It is difficult to tell if one is susceptible to Alzheimer's disease or not because it starts with simple forgetfulness and confusion which snowballs into permanent mental impairment.

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    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    COPD is a group of diseases that affect the airways as well as lungs, making up at least 5 percent of female deaths. COPD is commonly caused by smoking. It involves both bronchitis and emphysema. It has been said to cause a lot of difficulty and discomfort to a woman in staying active and breathing efficiently.

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    Poisoning of Blood

    Blood poisoning or septicemia occurs when the blood gets infected with bacteria or toxins that come via infection of the lungs, pelvis or abdomen. This medical conditon may start with signs such as fevers, rapid breathing, chills, rapid heart rate, change in mental status and frequent illness. If you or someone you know has these signs, seek medical attentiobn immediately because these symptoms progress to shock, causing death.

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    Every month cells of the endometrium, inner lining of the womb, swell and become thicker and are drained out of the body during menstruation. A woman has endometriosis when the endometrial cells begin to grow in other parts of the body. Some of its signs include irregular bleeding along with mild to severe cramping in the pelvis area. And, if it runs in the family, you are at higher risk of having it.

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    Vaginal Infections

    Women go through vaginal infection or vaginits at least once in their lifetime. This medical problem is characterised by itching and redness around the vaginal area with discharge that is foul smelling. While some women may not have any symptoms, others may experience two folds of it. Women must avoid using creams or soaps in the area, wearing loosely fitting clothes, douching, etc.

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    Women today are multi-tasking and that is one of the reasons why the rate of anaemic women is also on the rise. If your skin is pale, you feel tired even before the day has begun, have brittle nails, etc. you most likely have anaemia. The best way to find of course is to visit the doctor at the earliest. Poor eating habits are also a major reason why women have anaemia.

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    There are certain nutrients that a woman is required to take every day such as folic acid, iron and calcium. Women, especially must take more calcium than men and therefore, must expose themselves to sunlight from time to time for natural vitamin D, take calcium supplements and drink milk regularly. Those women who have lesser amount of calcium in their body tend to experience osteoporosis at a premature age.

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