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Top 10 Reasons to Kiss

Kissing is the most common form of expressing love. People have been kissing each other since ages, and it is not just confined to a couple. Know how kissing helps.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Dec 20, 2013


Healthy living may need a lot of efforts but there are few things that can be very effortless as well as good for your health. Kissing is one of those wonderful things that can have several benefits for your physical, social and mental health.

Happiness booster

Kissing is good for health. It releases endorphins, which makes you feel happy. Kissing helps you feel happier and fight depression.

Expression of Love

A kiss can be the most effective way to express your love to your loved one. When you kiss someone, let it be your baby or your spouse, you make them feel loved. It tells them how much you love them.

Pain Killer

Kissing can be your handy pain killer. It releases adrenaline which can reduce the feeling of pain. A kiss can help you divert your mind away from your pain and experience something good.

Builds Relationship

A kiss at the right time can boost your relationship or even take it to a new level. Kissing keeps your relationship healthy. Never miss a chance to let your beloved feel special and know how much you love him/her.

Binds together

When we kiss, both men and women produce the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that causes us to bond. Kissing keeps us bonded with our loved ones.

Develops Immunity

A research published in Medical Hypotheses has found that women who kissed infected partners build up immunity against the cytomegalovirus. With such a wonderful benefit, there can be nothing better than a kiss to boost your immunity against such viruses.

Good for your Marriage

Kissing works wonders for a married couple. It can help get them closer and feel being with the best person on the planet. Couples who kiss often tend to feel closer and share more with each other.

Stress Buster

Cortisol, the stress hormone is not good for our immune system, endocrine system and brain health. Doctors have observed that kissing can lower the cortisol levels.  Kissing your spouse often can help you fight the stress.

Exercise for your Face

Just like a simple smile can exercise 70 muscles in your face, regular kissing can enhance your appearance for good. Kissing can be a workout regime or your face. However, be sure that you concentrate on the feelings involved rather than just taking a kiss as an exercise.

Primer to Intimacy

 Nothing can be a better option for foreplay to intimate moments than kissing. Kissing can ensure that both the partners are on the right track to some wonderful private moments.


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