Top 10 Hair Masks for Soft, Shiny Hair

Aug 30, 2014

  • 1

    Home-made Hair Masks

    Hair masks can be excellent in turning dull hair into shiny, smooth hair. These can be extremely helpful in getting rid of common hair problems such as split ends and excessive hair breakage. There are several natural things such as eggs, yoghurt, avocado and more that can be used to make hairmasks and put new life into your hair. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 2

    Milk and Honey Mask

    The use of hair care products and hair care treatments can damage one’s hair.  A hair mask that is made of milk and honey reverses this damage. It is also ideal for use on thining hair or one that is . (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 3

    Banana and Olive Oil Hair Mask

    Perms, hair straightening, hair colouring or other hair treatments can damage hair because of the presence of chemicals. Moreover, hair tools such as flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers can make hair lifeless. Use of banana and olive oil hair mask fix those damaged tresses and strengthen them from the root and maintain a healthy pH balance. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 4

    Strawberry, Eggs and Olive Oil Hair Mask

    Strawberries are not only a delicious fruit, but also a very good product for hair care. You need a cupful of strawberries, one egg yolk and 2 spoonfuls of olive oil. Blend the ingredients and work it into your hair. Let the hair mask rest for 20 minutes before you rinse with a mild shampoo. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 5

    Avocado and Olive Oil Hair Mask

    Avocado and olive oil hair mask works great on damaged hair. Mash up an avocado with a teaspoonful of olive oil. Use a pastry brush to apply the mixture to each section of your hair. To begin with, apply the mask to the bottom and then towards your forehead. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for at least 30 minutes before washing out with the help of a mild shampoo. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 6

    Egg and Mayonnaise Hair Mask

    This hair mask of eggs and mayonnaise works the best when you have frizzy hair. Whisk the egg yolks with 1 tablespoonful of mayonnaise. Apply the mix onto your hair and cover your head with a cap. Let the mask sit for at least 20 minutes before washing off. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 7

    Coconut Cream Mask

    When you see that your hair is dry and damaged, coconut cream hair mask is all you need to polish it leaving soft and shiny hair. Take a chunk of coconut cream and gently massage it into your hair. Wrap your hair up in a warm towel and let the mask sit for at least an hour. Rinse with a mild shampoo.  (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 8

    Baking Soda Mask

    Sodium bicarbonate in baking soda can break down anything acidic from your hair. Combine two tablespoonfuls of baking soda with a spoonful of water to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture on damp hair and wait for 15 minutes before you wash it off with a mild shampoo. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 9

    Cornmeal Hair Mask

    Cornmeal is an inexpensive way to remove oil and grease from your hair. Take an empty salt shaker and pour some cornmeal into it. Now sprinkle cornmeal onto dry hair. After 5 minutes, brush it out using a paddle brush. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 10

    Extra Virgin Oil and coconut oil

    Combine a spoonful of coconut oil with few drops of extra virgin oil. Work it to the bottom of your hair using your palms. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse out. If you find that it is too greasy, shampoo once more. (Image source: Gettyimages)

  • 11

    Jojoba Oil

    One excellent oil that you must keep in the bathroom is jojoba oil. All you need to do is massage a few drops of it onto your scalp to make hair soft and shiny. If you have coarse hair, work the oil down to the tips. Rinse off using a mild shampoo after 20 minutes. (Image source: Gettyimages)