Top 10 Foods that Fight with Thyroid

Sep 25, 2013

  • 1

    Protein rich food

    Protein is very helpful in normalizing thyroid function as it helps transport thyroid hormone to all the tissues. Prefer protein sources like nuts and nut butters, quinoa, organic, grass-fed meats, eggs, sustainably-farmed fish and legumes.

  • 2

    Fat Rich Diet

    Diet insufficient of fat and cholesterol can cause hormonal imbalance, including thyroid hormones. It is recommended to choose a diet that includes natural fats like olive oil, ghee, avocados, flax seeds, fish, nuts and nut butters, hormone and antibiotic free full fat cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese and coconut milk products.

  • 3

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil stimulates thyroid hormone production and metabolism, resulting in proper thyroid function. Coconut oil is largely comprised of saturated fat which promotes thyroid function.

  • 4

    Gluten-Free Diet

    The molecular composition of thyroid tissue is almost identical to that of gluten. Eating gluten can increase the autoimmune attack on your thyroid.

  • 5

    Full of Gut

    A whopping 20 percent of thyroid function depends on a sufficient supply of healthy gut bacteria, so it’s best to supplement the gut supply with probiotics.

  • 6

    Nutrient rich food

    A diet rich in all the nutrients can normalize thyroid. While deficiency of vitamin D, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, zinc, copper, vitamin A, the B vitamins, and iodine may aggravate the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

  • 7

    Less Caffeine and Sugar

    Reduce or eliminate caffeine and sugar, including refined carbohydrates like flour, which the body treats like sugar. Eat non-starchy vegetables, rather than grain-based carbohydrates.


  • 8


    Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. It can boost your body’s ability to modulate and regulate the immune system, dampen autoimmune flare-ups, and protect and heal thyroid tissue.

  • 9


    Butter is a rich source of Vitamin A and Iodine, which make it a favorable thyroid food that nourishes the whole body. Add more butter to your plate if you need to enhance your thyroid function.

  • 10

    Cod Liver Oil

    Cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin A which is very supportive of healthy thyroid functioning. It is also a combination of iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium and B vitamins may help support thyroid function