Top 10 Best Ways to Beat Stress

Oct 05, 2013

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    Stress is a normal part of life that releases some powerful neurochemicals and hormones that can either help us evolve or cause significant problems. It can derive us to perform better or, on the contrary, it can change our daily life for worse. This makes stress management, a crucial part of our lives. One can easily manage stress and escape any adverse effects it may cause otherwise. There are several simple and easy ways to beat stress.

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    One of the easiest and joyous ways to beat stress is to socialize. It can work wonders against your stress as it keeps you busy with positive and usually happy conversations. People with little social support have poor recovery from high stress levels. Socializing also allows you to get the much needed break from your stress and makes it easier for you to reduce the stress from your life.


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    Ample Sleep

    Sleep plays a vital role in an individual’s overall health and lack of sleep can worsen your already stressed life. An average of six to eight hours of sleep each day is recommended to avoid or reduce stress and other health problems. Moreover, the quality of sleep is as important as the duration of sleep. Frequent interruptions in sleep can also lead to hypertension.

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    Less Caffeine

    Another important factor that can help you manage your stress is the amount of caffeine you take as it can quickly raise your attendant stress hormones. Cutting on your number of cups of coffee can help you beat or avoid stress. Whenever you feel like sipping another cup of coffee, rather grab a smoothie or try a cup of green tea.

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    Discuss your Problems

    It is human tendency to feel stressed from disappointing incidents; it is equally human to feel better after sharing the problem with someone. People experience raised psychological stress levels when they hold grudges. It is better to discuss every issue with your partner or family or friend. Keeping things untold may lead to prolonged or unmanageable stress which can be bad for your overall health.

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    Avoid Alcohol

    If you believe in drinking just to avoid or forget something stressful, you need to rethink your options. Although it is believed that moderate drinking may be good for health, too much alcohol may add to your stress. Avoid drinking too much and rather work on your problems to escape the stress. Alcohol abuse may also lead to several health problems.

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    Balanced Diet

    It is a well known, yet often ignored, fact that healthy eating habits can help prevent or delay many health problems. Similarly, your diet plays a very important role in your stress management as well. A balanced diet, high in fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, and whole grains, will help you feel fit and avoid stress.

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    Another fun and effective way to release stress involves sweating and some labour. Even simple physical activities like gardening, cycling and jogging will help you feel better, lower your stress and make your heart stronger. Indulge in as many physical activities as you can as it will help you manage your stress effectively. You can also join the local sports club and release your stress during the fun games.

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    Concentrate on Happy Moments

    Bad memories can easily trigger waves of stress or worsen your stress problem. In order to avoid stress, avoid getting too emotionally involved with less relevant objects or events, like soccer matches, that may leave you disappointed. Concentrate on relationships and happy moments with your loved ones rather than the negative aspects of your life.

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    Take Professional Help

    Medication, psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, and other treatments may help reduce your stress levels. A break from your daily routine, along with proper professional help can work wonders for you. Stress, if left unattended, may become unmanageable or prolonged stress.


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    Create Predictability

    Another easy way to beat your stress is to work on your lifestyle to make it healthier and more predictable. A predictable routine will help you escape shocks and disappointments, thus allowing you to avoid stress for long. Plan your day in advance, intentionally avoiding the events that may trigger your stress, and stick to the plan to enjoy a stress free day.