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To Catch a Liar Ask the Right Question

Here are some intelligent questions that you could ask someone in order to catch that person from lying.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 22, 2014

Liar! Liar!

Deception is an art, it is the art of the shrewd. But you can definitely catch them red handed if you know how to deal with them and how to catch their lying and decepting manner. Be it your close friend, your kid, your spouse, your lover, or your colleague; everyone is taking solace in the art of lying to get away from the truth. But you can outlive their false claims by asking the right questions.

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You will know a person is lying when he or she is telling an inconsistent story. You can do this by asking them a particular detail from their story. When people lie they tend to forget all the details that they had furnished the first time, thereby making new claims and changing their stories multiple times. Inconsistent story means a lie!

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Ask the Unexpected

No matter how difficult it is, if you want to catch a liar, ask him or her a question that is least expected. Ask it out of the blue and you will know by his or her expressions and hesitation that he or she is lying. They will be caught in their own tangle that they have been weaving when they are asked something uncomfortable out of the blue.

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Asking about Time

Liars are always paying more attention to their story and forgetting to pay any heed to the time. Time is very important, when you ask a liar about the time of a particular event, he or she will get very hazy. Furthermore, they will find it very annoying that you are asking them about specific time.

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Make up a Situation

This is a sure winner. If someone tells you that he was at a particular place which you doubt then you need to make up a story of your own in order to find out the truth. If your son says to you that he was watching a movie somewhere which you doubt, then you should say, "Oh, but wasn't there a fire nearby? I saw it on the news!". If he was really there then he would retort saying, "no! what fire? I was there, it was fine!". But if he was not there then he will agree with you regarding the fire situation.

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Ask in a Funny Way

When you ask something in a funny manner, the other person tend to losen up. In the process he or she would be lying in a weak manner. The attempt to make his or her statement the final truth would be gone and there will come a softness in the voice. Your suspect is now lying but thinking whether he or she should come up with the truth.

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Confusing Question

Ask something confusing, make the person confused. To do this you have to go back to his or her story and put your own inputs in it. If this person had said that he or she has had four drinks then add to the confusion later by asking, "So, you had three drinks last night?". Watch the person's reaction.

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Ask for more Details

Get into the heart of the entire thing and ask for details, as many as you can. Ask details after details and watch if he or she is feeling uncomfortable. The more details you ask the more uncomfortable would you liar be. It is only a liar who would not know how to handle the details of an event that never happened in the first place.

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Ask about Others

Ask your suspect why does he or she think that other people have different opinion. This would be interesting as this way you would know what he or she thinks of the other view point. The answer to this would be very entertaining as a liar will have a stupid explanation for this. Or he will just say, "I don't know!"

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Ask for the Source

When you suspect is making a suggestion and feeding you a story you should ask him or her how they know all of this. Ask your liar the source of his or her information and you will be surprised to see that a liar will always tell something weird. Unconvering the source of a particular information will give you an insight on the the entire story.

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Ask for a Simple Explanation

Your liar can be using difficult terms and complex views to express his point of view. This will be shattered when you ask him or her to explain the entire thing in a more simple manner. They weave these complex terms so that they can make your feel uncomfortable, but when asked for a simple explanation, it would be very difficult.


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