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To be Happy:Things to Do and Things to Avoid

Happiness is often an equation of subtraction and addition in your life. Consider these three things to reject and three things to accept to find true happiness.

Mental Health By Ariba KhaliqJul 07, 2014

You are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

Remember Henry David Thoreau’s quote “Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder?” And. this can never get any more real. You can choose to be happy, say the psychologists. How? By monitoring the workings of your mind! Image Courtesy: Getty


The Power to Get Happy

Certain, simple things in your life that you can exercise a control over can help you be happy. The way we live and move through our lives decides how happy we will and can be. Happiness is defined by how we view ourselves. There are a few things you can avoid, and a few things you can embrace to be happy. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t:Be Greedy

That’s the first and foremost thing that makes us unhappy. Even after knowing we have enough, we just can’t stop thinking that we need more of those things that make us happy. We just can’t be satisfied knowing we’re safe, have shelter, enough water to drink, and food to eat. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t:Despise Your Current Job to Look for the Right One

Sitting back and doing minimum work in your not-so-favourite-job, while wanting that next better job will never work for you. Be all of what you can be, right now. Your boss will only move you up to the next level if you perform at two levels up from the job you have. Image Courtesy: Getty


Don’t: Rely on a Relationship to be Happy

It may feel great to walk through life with someone you love. But, you shouldn't be desperately looking for someone to be with. You do not need another person to make you happy. Besides, if you must be with a loving company, count your blessings in the form of friends, family, etc. Image Courtesy: Getty


Do: Stop Chasing Around Happiness

Do what you love and let the rest take care of itself. That’s how things happen anyway. If it helps you to be happy, just believe that all the money in the world is yours. Image Courtesy: Getty


Do: Excel at Your Current Job

Learn to be amazing at whatever job you have on hand right now, even if it’s not your dream job or the one you think you deserve. Being you and brining it out will help. Image Courtesy: Getty


Do: Be Amazing at Relationships

Happiness is a “right now” thing and it doesn’t work on this formula: "To get happy, I just need x and y, then I'll achieve z, and then we'll take that great big happiness vacation!" Relax, breathe deep and be happy. Image Courtesy: Getty

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