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This is how you can Spend Quality Time in the Morning Together

Most of us live with guilt of not being able to spend an evening with our partner sharing details of the day. We wake up with that guilt and then again go to bed with a guilt-ridden heart yet, feel helpless. But, to the rescue of your relationship co

Dating By Vasudha BhatOct 28, 2014

Rectify the Error!

Is it an everyday thing for you to sleep with a heart full of regret for not being able to spend enough time with your partner? If your answer is positive, you are creating some serious troubles for your relationship. The situation may be such that even after being aware of the damage you are causing to your relationship, your demanding job leaves you with no option but, to hit bed to recharge a completely drained-out body. However, if you really wish to come out of this vicious cycle and spend some time with your partner, try to spend your early morning hours with them. Here is how you can do it.

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Have Breakfast in Bed

Don’t wait for special occasions like birthdays and holidays to have your breakfast served in bed. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and having it with your partner will make it even more special. The bland oatmeal or the tasty French toast, everything will taste so perfect.

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Travel to Office Together

Your hectic schedule may have been keeping you deprived of travelling to various places with your partner. To make the most of your time in such a condition, travel together to your workplace. Irrespective of what the mode of transport is, enjoy the ride together while listening to some beautiful songs.

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Solve Daily Crossword

Solving crossword puzzles are believed to boost concentration and memory and doing it together can just add to the benefits. Grab a crossword puzzle and solve it together while having your breakfast in bed.

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Workout Together

Why hit the gym alone when you can spend that time together at home shedding those extra pounds and building muscles. Become each other’s personal trainer and keep motivating by giving each other some competition.

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Visit a Coffee Shop Early Morning

Going for a romantic dinner may look like a burden after long tiring days at office. So, why not spend some time together at a coffee shop early morning when you are fresh.

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Prepare Breakfast Together

Preparing breakfast together will let you have some enjoyable time together in the kitchen. You could also prepare lunch and pack it up for each other before leaving for work.

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Spice up Things Early Morning

Your ``always running late’’ schedule lands you straight inside your bathroom from the bed. This leaves you with no time to groom yourself. Introduce some changes to this habit and wake up early to have a shower with your partner.

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