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Tips to Save Money on Fitness

Do you want to get in shape and also save money? Check out these seven ways to get a great workout for less. Steps like comparing costs and signing up for social accounts can help you save money on fitness.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Jan 02, 2015

Staying Fit on a Tight Budget

You could lose some blood, sweat and tears in the name of fitness but you don’t have to spend your cash on it. Fitness can be expensive for some, and not surprisingly, health clubs make billions of income from their millions of members. Gym memberships cost an average of Rs. 3500 per month, in addition to initiation fees. That’s before accessories, clothing and shoes – all of which can amount to a high price tag for being in shape. However, you will have to do just a little work, and you’ll rarely have to pay full-price. Despite sky-high costs at some gyms you don't need to spend a fortune to work out. Here’s how to save money on fitness so you can afford to do more. Your pocket will thank you and so will your abs.

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Compare Costs

There sure will be more than one gym in your town, which is a good thing. Find out what is each offering, and then ask your favourite if it will meet or beat the fees of its competitors. Always do this in person because talking over the phone isn’t persuasive enough. And don't overlook options like schools, neighbourhood clubs, temples and churches, too. These are often among the most cost-friendly options. Some yoga studios are also adopting a donation-based approach; though there's usually a Rs. 50 suggested donation per class, you can drop whatever you can afford into the box.

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Check Your Benefits

Big companies offer some sorts of wellness benefits. Many people don’t take part in workplace wellness programs, but they are a great way to save money. Programs come in a variety of formats, such as flexible time for weekday workouts, on-site gyms and discounted gym memberships. Others offer employees free pedometers or simply give money or gift cards to employees who log a certain number of fitness minutes per month or year. Check with your boss or human resources department to find out more about your company’s wellness benefits.

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Take Free or Discounted Classes

The best time to use a boutique gym or take a high-end class, is whenever it’s free. Similar to buddy passes and free gym days, some pricey, single-focus gyms will offer a free class once per month or week, usually on weekends. If you’re looking to save money, this can be a great alternative to your go-to workout and a fun way to add variety to your routine. You can take a different free every week. If you find something you really like, you can decide whether to commit to it further.

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Exercise at Home

If you spend any money on fitness, it should be on figuring out the right exercises for your body and skill level, not on stuff. Follow the right blogs. It might sound ironical that surfing the Web is important from a fitness standpoint. But consider that countless experts offer comprehensive online workout plans that won't cost you a dime. Many blogs feature dozens of printable workouts, from arms to full body, cardio to stretching. Spend some time scouring fitness websites specific to your town.

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Share a Trainer

If you’re considering hiring a trainer, try finding someone to share the cost. By joining up with an active partner or friend, you can save money with group sessions while learning skills for later. Just like a single-person session, the group session trainer can teach you activities for pairs that are fun and burn a lot of calories. Of course, there are benefits other than savings – working out with friends or a spouse is also great for motivation and sticking with a routine.

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Package Classes

Just how it goes at the grocery store, the same goes at the gym: Buying in bulk is cheaper. If you decide you really love a studio, investing in a package of classes can help you save a bundle of money. Many cut per-class price by Rs. 300 if you buy a 20-pack, which amounts to a savings of Rs. 6000. It's certainly an investment initially, but if there's a studio you truly love, this is a major saving method.

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Get Outside

Fitness experts no longer see cardio equipment such as a treadmill as necessary. The best thing people can do for cardio is to walk. Speed walking is easy on the joints, you can do it year-round and, best of all, and it’s cheap. All you need are a good pair of shoes and extra layers of appropriate workout gear for the winter. To give your heart the aerobic boost it needs, start at 30 minutes a day for three days a week, and build up to five days a week within two months. To speed walk, use the fastest pace you can without breaking into a jog.

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