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Tips to Prevent your Work from Wrecking your Marriage

You are much more than what you do for a living and, so is your relationship. Marriage is a fragile relationship that needs to be taken care of and while you do that, your work may cause some turbulence. Don’t let your marriage succumb to the injurie

Dating By Vasudha BhatOct 31, 2014

The Dream!

As a bachelor,thinking about marriage only meant having ideas about a blissful life comprising of lazy weekends, fun-filled vacations, romantic dine outs and shopping for stuff to create a beautiful place where you would live with your partner. Sadly, what you didn’t picture was spending long hours in office to make sufficient money, maddening commuting troubles and coworkers who on-and-off try to snatch away whatever you have but, slyly.

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The Reality

When your workplace disturbs you so much, you are barely left with any enthusiasm to go home and celebrate your marriage. Hence, the honeymoon period gets over. But, there is something that you can do. Following are some tips with which you can prevent your work from wrecking your marriage.

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Define Roles

This plays an important role especially if your life partner is also your business partner. You must have your roles defined so that no one person ends up bossing the other. Also, you must try to conduct business meetings outside the house so that your home feels like home when you are not working.

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Make Right Career Choices

To live a luxurious life, ideally both the people should be working. The burden of paying bills must be shared by the couple and not just one person. If one of the partners is not happy with the job that they are doing, it is most likely to create disturbance in your marriage. When you are not satisfied with your job, it may make you feel envious with your spouse who is happy with what they are doing. This isn’t the right thing to do. Make the right career choices and if you think you need to make some changes, do it as early as possible.

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Listen to them

When both of you are well-trained professionals working in the same field, it can give rise to situations when one of you ends up bombarding the other with wise suggestions about what they should have done in a certain condition. When they are facing some trouble, listen to them. Also, while working on the same level if your spouse gets a promotion, it can give birth to competitive feelings. Avoid feeling that way. Support them and make yourself understand when it’s your turn, you will need them too.

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Be Careful while Handling Coworkers of Opposite Sex

Many people have admitted to have been attracted towards a coworker of the opposite sex. Though most of these people would never act on those thoughts, that does not stop your spouse from being restless while you are away. Try not to spend more waking hours at office and introduce your spouse to your colleagues. Besides, you must also put a control on your actions. Never complain about your spouse to a coworker of the opposite gender or avoid send non-professional texts or emails.

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Make Time for Them

If your job demands a lot of attention and time, it becomes your responsibility to communicate it to your partner. When you promise them to be home by six and you turn up home at nine, who knows you might have ruined their plans of a beautiful evening. You must  be realistic. Also, keep aside a day which you can completely dedicate to your spouse. Cook together, watch some shows at home or just go out for a walk together.

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Set Boundaries for your Boss

Just because he gives you pay checks every beginning of the month, does not mean you owe your life to him. On occasional nights, he may ask you to stay back or call after office hours but, when it becomes a habit, it will wreck your marriage. You need to set boundaries for them in a way that they do not ruin your career. Keep a separate phone for office calls which you can leave back home when you are going out for a romantic trip.

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