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Avoid Stomach Infection this Monsoon Season

Monsoon can bring a lot of relief from the heat, but on hindsight, you must remember that it can cause havoc for your stomach. Here are some tips to prevent infection this monsoon.

Home Remedies By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 16, 2014

Infection during Monsoon

Infection of your stomach is usually caused by food or by H2O, which gets manifested by pathogens like Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella and H. Pylori. Stomach infection of any kind can give your diarrhea, unpleasant cramps, revulsion and vomitting. Experts believe that the best approach in which you can keep infection at bay is by leading a healthy lifestyle. Understand, that most diseases reach you because you have not been leading the right lifestyle. Here are 6 ways in which you can keep infections away this monsson season.

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Eat only Fully Cooked Food

Any food which is undercooked, can contain germs such as salmonella and E. Coli, and this could lead to food poisoning. You must make sure that meat and eggs are well cooked for consumption. Even vegetables should be washed well before you cook them. Making sure that you eat fully cooked food can take half your concern away.

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Boiled Water

We will not ask you to drink bottled water everyday because, this habit could get taxing on your pocket, and also most bottled waters are not exactly well prepared and germ free. Therefore, the best option for you is to boil your drinking water. Boil your water and store it for drinking, and you will keep away from all germs that water usually contains.

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Avoid Unsanitary Food

Now we do understand that roadside foods are tasty, but the person serving it may not be very clean in his ways. Unsanitary practices can cause food poising for sure, and above all it is a tad bit disgusting to eat foods that are prepared without care. These roadside foods pose a larger risk of contamination, and therefore you should be avoiding them by all means.

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Eat Well

As you can see by now that most of the prevention comes from eating the right kinds of food. When you do not eat the right kind of food you will definitely risk getting food poisoned. Select your food wisely, always eat food that is served hot, and is cooked fresh. Eating foods that are made of stale ingredients would bring disaster to your body.

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Wash your Hands

Unwashed hand mean that it is full of germs, and therefore you must ensure that you wash your hands before eating. This is especially true for children going to school and college, and people who go to work. Most stomach infection cases are caused because you did not wash your hand before eating. Wash your hands with anti bacterial soap, so that you do not eat the bacteria along with your food.

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Avoid Oil

Here is a tip for not just the monsoon season, but for all season, while being especially for the monsson. You should avoid oily foods, those that are deep freid in a lot of oil. Such foods can cause trouble to your stomach, and you may be at a potential risk of stomach infection.

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Do not go Swimming

Here is a tip for those who love to swim. Let your fascination with swimming take a back seat this monsoon. Swimming is a good exercise for people for sure, but those who have low immunity should not be swimming. This is especially true for those who have just recovered from an illness or flu. They should avoid swimming in order to prevent stomach flu.

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