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He has Always Stood by You, Make him Feel Loved: Ways to Please your Husband

Once you leave your parents’ house, it’s your husband who becomes the one person who you can look up to through your thick and thin. While fulfilling the demands of the family he must have stopped caring about himself by now. So, it is your responsib

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / May 30, 2014

He's Very Special

He has been there through all your ups and lows of life. He has cheered you up when you thought it was the end of world, he celebrated with you all night long when you received your much awaited promotion at office, he calmed you down when you were pain, and the list of favours goes on. It was your husband who took care of you after you left your parent’s house. But, while you were juggling between your professional and personal life, are you sure you did not miss out giving him the attention he deserves? If the answer is a yes, it’s time for you to make up to him and live up to your marital vows.

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Write Him a Love Letter

While you were in your courtship period, a love note was what both of you longed for. Re-live those moments and send him a love note. You can keep it inside the book he reads every night before going to sleep or just simply slip it into his lunch box. This will definitely take him on cloud 9.

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Listen to Him

When you come home after long day at office, paying attention to anything else is a big task. Gradually, you stop listening to what he has to say about different things going on in his life. To make him feel special, you must pay heed to what opinion does he have on things. This will mean you respect his opinion and his views are equally important for you.

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Thank Him

When you have been married for quite a while, it is natural to start taking each other for-granted. Although it happens involuntarily, it isn’t the right thing to do. If he has done you a favour or at any point of time has made you feel special, never forget to thank him.

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Prepare his Favourite Meal

Why wait for a birthday or an anniversary? Make an ordinary day special for him by cooking his favourite meal. This would be really special for him as this would come as a complete surprise to him.

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Let him Take Over Television

If the fight over television remote is an everyday scene in your house too, treat this as an opportunity to make him feel loved. Give him the television remote and let him watch his favourite show while you sit beside him and enjoy it as much as he does.

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Plan a Romantic Getaway

When you have an entire family to look after, you automatically run out of time to sit and spend it with your partner. So, vacation is what you need. Plan a romantic getaway for just the two of you and make it up for all the time you could not spend with him.

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Spend Time with his Family

No matter how busy he has been with work, always remember that his parents mean a lot to him. It will leave him awestruck when he finds his parents come over for lunch and all of it will be planned by you.

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Do what he Dislikes Doing

If your husband hates buying groceries, do it for him. Do whatever he does not like doing and it will give him immense happiness.

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Call Over his Friends

Mostly all men are of this opinion that their wives do not like his friends crashing into the house for a party. Call over his friends and let him have a gala time with him. Once they are off, he will surely fall short of words to thank you.

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Give him a Massage

Once he is back from a tiring day at work, give him a soothing massage. This will definitely make him long to return home to you.

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