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Make your Bedroom a Healthy Place to Live

The place where you spend one-third of your life needs to be treated with extra care. Your bedroom has an important role to play in keeping you in good shape by letting you ease the stress accumulated in the body throughout the day. Here is how you d

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat / Oct 10, 2014

Bedroom:A Place to Unwind

A person spends approximately one-third of his/life in the bedroom. So, it must not come as a surprise to you that the condition of your bedroom plays a significant role in the quality of life. One of the factors exemplifying this is that the condition of your bedroom has an effect on your symptoms of allergy and exposure to toxins. So, here are a few tips to keep away the health hazards from your bedroom and to make sure that your bedroom is the best place to scintillate your senses.

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Get the Repairs Done

You may have put a lot of effort and time in getting your house constructed and your attachment to those old walls cannot be measured. But, you must understand that with time walls of your house must have suffered water damage giving birth to molds like aspergillus and cladosporium. While aspergillus is known for spreading respiratory diseases, cladosporium can cause skin and nail infections. In order to keep infections at bay in your bedroom, the first measure you must take is to block the leakage. Also, clean the area with bleach solutions to kill the germs and keep the humidity level of your room low.

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Remove Dust Mites

Dust mites present in your bedroom release a protein in their feces that can trigger sneezing and a runny nose. To fix this problem, wash your sheets weekly in hot water and lower down the thermostat to maintain low humidity levels.

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Maintain Dim Lights

A hormone called melatonin, which controls the sleep-wake cycle is released at night in response to darkness. But, when your bedroom is lit up properly at night, it interferes with your deep and sound sleep. This leads to an increased level of blood pressure and glucose in the body. To combat this problem you must add blackout curtains that can darken the room.

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Dampen the Noises

It is not always the disturbing neighbour playing loud music at night that makes your bedroom an uncomfortable place. It is also the snoring of the person inside your bedroom that can prevent your nerves from relaxing. To protect yourself from the noises which can interfere with your sleep, keep earplugs handy in the room.

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Detox the Pillow

Your pillow which you think to be the most comfortable thing in your bedroom also needs some attention. There are pillows which are made up of petroleum-based synthetic foam which can emit volatile organic compounds which result into headaches, nausea, eye and throat irritation. It is always better to opt for latex pillows that are made of rubber trees.

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Less Gadgets in the Room

You must be thinking that not having a television in the bedroom was one the wisest decisions you have ever made. But, having a laptop charging point or an eclectic alarm clock right next to your bed can make you equally unhealthy.

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Managing the Clutter

The mess in the bedroom can be a potential cause of stress. The piles of clothes in the room or a bunch of receipts lying uselessly on the table can make you anxious. Clean the clutter as soon as you find it piling on in the room.

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Get Rid of Mood Killers

The ambience of your bedroom has a major role to play in building up your libido. A healthy sex life largely depends on the interiors of your bedroom. This why having a room filled family portraits or having no locks on the bedroom doors can be hazardous for your love life.

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