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Tips to get rid of pain without medicine

Pain killers can appear to be quick and effective solutions for discomforting pain; however, it is also not good for you to rely too much on medicines. You may also get rid of minor pains without medicines.

Pain By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 19, 2015


What is the best remedy for pain? Medication? Well, it could be, but you should not be taking so many medicines all the time. If your doctor has advised you not to worry about the pain and has not prescribed any special medicines, you may try other ways to get rid of the discomforting pain. Here are some tips to get rid of the annoying but minor pain without relying on medicines all the time. Image Courtesy: Getty

Drink Plenty of Water

While you may not have considered it yet, less amount of water intake can be a factor behind pain. Dehydration can worsen the pain or even trigger common pains such as headaches. You should increase your water intake as soon as you start experiencing pain. You will notice an improvement after drinking water, especially if it’s headache. Image Courtesy: Getty


Since several over-the-counter pain killers contain caffeine, you can ditch the medicine and sip on a warm cup of coffee. Caffeine makes painkillers work faster and more effectively. A cup of coffee can also help you deal with your pain better. But, there is a catch to it; too much of coffee can make your body dependent on it and trigger symptoms of pain such headache once you miss your cupful of coffee. Image Courtesy: Getty


One of the best ways to ease your pain is to just stop everything you are doing and find a calm and dark place to relax. Sit or lie down in such a place with your eyes closed for some time. If you are experiencing a headache or a muscle pain, you will find some relief from it. Make sure you don’t think much and take deep breaths while relaxing. Image Courtesy: Getty

Use a Compress

Use a hot or cool compress on the affected area. The soothing temperature and the pressure will stimulate circulation through the affected area, resulting in quicker recovery and relief from pain. If you cannot apply a compress, use a cloth dipped in hot or cold water and keep it on the affected region. Once the temperature of the cloth becomes normal, dip it again and reapply it. Image Courtesy: Getty


A light massage around the affected area can not only distract you from the pain, but it can also provide relief from the pain by improving circulation and relieving tension around the area. Gently press your fingers around the affected region and move them in slow circles. You may also use a warm natural oil to make the massage even more effective. However, make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty

Relaxation Techniques

You may use a variety of relaxation tricks such as meditation, prayer, deep breathing, listening to soothing music to distract yourself from pain. Meditate and listen to soothing music whenever you want to get rid of that painful feeling without taking any medicines. You will soon find yourself feeling a lot better. Relaxation techniques help you disconnect from the pain. Image Courtesy: Getty


Herbal Remedies

There are several effective and simple herbal remedies that are commonly used to get rid of pain. Most of the ancient medicine systems from around the world offer natural herbal remedies against pain. You may use one of such remedies. Herbal oil massage, natural painkiller mixtures or herbal tea can be very effective in easing pain as well as curing the problem. However, always consult your doctor as soon as you experience any pain or try a remedy on your own. Image Courtesy: Getty


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