Tips to Get a Flawlessly Fair and Radiant Skin

May 17, 2014

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    Absolute Fairness

    Most of us at some point in our lives crave for that perfect Barbie look- the one with long hair, fair skin, ad a flawless glowing complexion. Whether you're trying to get rid of dark spots or just hoping to achieve a lighter, healthier complexion, some skin care tips can help you get closer to the skin tone you want in no time. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Be Sun Safe

    This healthy skin habit cannot be stressed enough. Sun can cause normal tanning to chronic discolouration to your skin. Avoid going out between 10 am to 4 pm because sun’s heat is at its maximum intensity during this time.  If you must step out in the sun, wear a high SPF sunblock 20 minutes before leaving the house. SPF 15 is not sufficient anymore; use at least SPF 30. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Dress Smart

    While you are out in the sun, wear long sleeved shirt and full-length trousers in order to avoid exposing your skin to sunlight. You may want to wear dark coloured clothes which do not let sunlight reach your skin. To protect your face, wear a hat which shades most part of your face. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Use Anti-discolouration Products

    Try using any or a combination of chemicals glycolic acid, retinal and even salicylic acid at least 3 times a week on your skin. All these chemicals naturally even out discoloration. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Exfoliation takes off dead skin cells; Use it a few times a week. Exfoliation only helps if your current skin is darker than your normal skin tone, because it reveals fresh skin, untouched by the sun. If you do not have an exfoliator, make one by mixing sugar or sand into liquid soap. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Use Lemon

    After washing make-up and lotions from your face each night, dab lemon juice on it. Close your eyes or keep the juice away from your eyes. You will feel a burning sensation because of it, but if you can keep on a small quantity for fifteen minutes, then wash it off, it will help in lightening your skin. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Use tea tree facial cleansers. Tea tree goes deep into the skin and cleanses it out for a clear look. If you were fair but tanned or burned, tea tree cleansers should help. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Tea Water and Honey Face Pack

    Mix 1 cup of cooled tea water, 2 spoons of rice flour and ½ spoon of honey and apply on the skin. When the mask dries, massage it in circular motions with water to remove it from the face. Then wash off your face with cold water. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Oats and Lemon Face Pack

    Mix 1 tbsp of cooked and mashed oats with 1 tbsp of lemon juice and massage the paste into your skin. Let it dry for 20 minutes, wash and pat dry. Cooked oats reduce inflammation and heel the skin while lemon is a skin lightening agent. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Turmeric and Lemon Face Pack

    Mix gram flour, turmeric, lemon juice, and milk into a fine paste and apply evenly on skin. Scrub the paste gently on your face for 5 minutes and let it dry for 20 minutes. Once it’s dry, clean your face. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Rose Water Mask

    Combine two tablespoons of milk with one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of gram flour, and 2 tablespoons of rose water. Mix ingredients together and apply once a day for 15 minutes. You should start noticing results in one week. Image Courtesy: Getty