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Tips to ensure that your Baby is Safe

Babies are a blessing for parents, and it is important to take care of them and keep them safe. Here are some tips.

Tips for Parent By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 11, 2014

Keeping your Baby Safe

The arrival of a new born into a family is a pleasant occurrence for parents. A new born brings sheds a new light into the life of a couple, and it is important for them to keep this new gift unharmed. Babies tend to be curious and may tread to places that are out of bounds for one so small, and this is why parents and guardians need to take special care to make sure that their babies are always safe and sound. Parents should take all the necessary steps that are required to keep them safe, and that is why we have brought to you some ways in which you can do this.

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A Car Seat

If you happen to own a car and like to take your newborn along with you then you are advised to have specially designed car seats so that your baby can sleep comfortably with his or her head supported. This car seat would be good for your baby as he or she would remain safe while parents are busy driving. You need to ensure that your baby isn’t too hot in the car seat and you can do this by taking a layer of clothing off when that is needed. Also, you must never let your baby sleep on the car seat.

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Safe Home

Make your home accident free zone, and this is needed because your baby will venture to places at random. Falls are one of the most common causes for accidents at home and therefore you need to make sure that there are not many dangerous places where your baby can climb. Once your baby will start to crawl you will have a hard time to keep a track on the little adventurer, and so you must get rid of all eminent dangers from your home! Bring in more cushions and edge protectors to your furniture.

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The Electrical Hazards

You must cover sockets so that your child cannot plug in appliances or touches electrical sockets with wet hands. The best thing however would be to move away any appliances from the little one’s surroundings, just keep them out of your baby’s reach. This will ensure no electrical accidents and will let you be at peace. Electrical hazards should always be kept in mind.

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Door Accidents

It is often seen that children hurt their little fingers when a door is slammed shut and their hands come in between, and this can be terrible. Therefore, you should clip over the edges of the doors so that you can prevent them from slamming on your baby’s fingers. Never allow your babies to be near doors in the first place, and be ever mindful about them when you are closing doors.

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Closed Windows/Window Locks

Blues musician Eric Clapton experienced a major setback in his personal life when his 4 year old son fell of an open window from the 53rd floor, and this is why you must keep your windows closed if they are large and open. You could also use plastic window locks that are cheap and keep the window open to an extent. Window locks are very necessary when you are staying high up in a building.

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Smoke Alarm

While your baby is goofing around the house there is every possibility that he or she would play with fire and you should be aware of it. Smoke alarms are cheap and are widely available, it is very essential for every home. You should fit one smoke alarm for every floor of your home. Also, do check its batteries every weak in order to keep them working effectively.

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For Bathroom Safety

Your bathroom is very hazardous zone and your baby can drown in as little as 5 cm of water and therefore you must be very careful. Another important bathroom hazard is that a wet bathroom floor can make your baby slip and he or she can get hurt. You can buy slip resistant bath mats that sticks to the bottom of the bath and would help your child from slipping. It gives the surface a certain grip.

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Sleeping Safety

Suffocation is a very big cause for unintentional death and most of such cases occur when a baby is asleep. Your baby’s nose and mouth can be covered accidently by pillows, comforters and even stuffed animals. As you can understand, this will restrict his or her ability to breathe. Therefore you must keep your baby’s ctib as bare as possible and just use one light blanket. Let this blanket reach only till the center of your baby’s chest.

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Small Items

Injures can happen when your baby starts to fiddle with small items such as candles, coins, and so on. Even food items such as huts and grapes can be a major choking hazard. Take care to remove buttons, jewelry, balls and pins away from your child’s reach so as to avoid an accidental choking. Take a note of toys with small parts and whether they are safe for children under 3 years old.

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Cleaning Materials and Chemicals

Cleaning materials and other products that contain chemicals should be removed from your child’s reach. This includes detergent, deodorant, cleaners, garden fertilizers, cosmetics and so on. These products should be kept in their original containers and should not be stored in normal containers for your kids to mistake them as food.

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