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Take Charge of your Life with Stronger Self-Control

Self control plays a crucial role in our lives. A lack of it can lead to depression and take you miles away from your goal. However, if you have been able to build a strong self-control, you shall be able to take control of your life. Here is how you

Mental Health By Vasudha BhatDec 24, 2014

Doing the Undoable!

Does it happen that you sit on the dining table to eat a healthy dinner and by the time you get up you have eaten all the high calorie foods? Or as a child, did you always end up playing on the terrace even when you wanted to study? Well, if these or any similar situations have been occurring in your life you could surely put some self-control to use.

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What is Self-Control?

Self-control is the ability to control your actions and the decisions you make in daily life. If you have a strong self-control, you will be able to control temptations and distractions easily. However, if you lack that feeling you may end up feeling depressed, powerless and weak. But, don’t you worry anymore. Here are some simple tips that would help you take control of your decisions by building a stronger self-control.

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Note Down all your Positives and Negatives

You must make a list of areas in which you think you need some improvement, areas in which you are prospering and in areas where you think you excel. However, while doing so you must not lose track. Keep the list brief and try to focus on the essentials. Once you get to know the areas that you are poor at, you must brainstorm on ideas that can help you deal with it. Think about the causes and solutions and write them down.

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Research on the Area which you are Poor at

Try to find studies that will help you fight your shortcomings. Read books or articles so that you become informed about the ways in which you can deal with your shortcomings. When you become informed it will help you control your temptations. Like, if you wish to lose weight try to read more and more about nutrition and healthy diet which will motivate you and make eating right much easier. You could also ask your near ones about ways you can deal with your shortcomings.

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Slowly Increase your Self-Denial Ability

Start with baby steps. Give yourself small challenges for a short period of time. For example, if you are addicted sugar instead of going too hard on yourself and trying to quit it in one go, try to go off sugar for one day. Then gradually increase your time and one day you shall realize that you can stay without sugar for as much time as you want to. Don’t just try to get over your bad habits all at once. If you do so you shall loose track, soon leading to depression.

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Involve your Friends and Family to Help you

To accomplish this goal, you must seek help from your family and friends. You could ask them to make you remember your goals whenever you fall off the track. However, you must ensure that the people who you delegate this job to are friendly and do not nag you to perform or not perform a task. This is because if a person constantly nags you, it will make you hide things and sneak around.

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Find Ways to Distract Yourself

If you feel a strong urge to do something that you are not supposed to do, start thinking about distractions. Think about things that you could do instead. Go for a walk, start reading a newspaper or magazine, sip a glass of water etc. Things like these would help you deviate your thoughts and give you time to regain your lost self-control.

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Learn the Art of Relaxation

As a part of self-control, you must also learn to relax and ease your tensed nerves. You must look for different ways in which you can calm your body and mind down and then decide the one way which suits you the best. Try meditating which will help you tame your mind and in turn help you build stronger self-control. When you practice meditation you get a sense of renewed self-discipline, concentration and happiness.

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