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Tips to Make Sex during Menstruation Exciting

Here is a short guide on having a loving, lasting and lustful time in bed despite of menstruation.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / May 29, 2014

Tips for an Exciting Night

For a lot of women, menstruation is a terrible monthly visitor that comes with even more terrible presents in the form of lots of whining and cramping. For these women, sex is a complete no-no during this month. The rest of the population of women have their hormones peaking to an extent that they would just take a lot of talking and loving to the bed as soon as they know they are about to menstruate. Let’s come to the men now. While there are some men who cringe at the thought of penetrating a woman when the Niagara is lamenting her falls, there are others who would hit the spot as long as they have the green signal from the girl irrespective of whether it is that time of the month or not. So, for these women and men who wouldn’t mind rubbing the sheets at any time of the month, here is a short guide on having a loving, lasting and lustful time in bed even when the girl is menstruating.


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Have a Little Talk

Find out if your girlfriend or wife is really excited about going to bed early while she is on her period. And, make sure to find out that she isn’t going to bed because she is on her period. There could be a variety of reasons why the girl or even the guy for that matter would not want to have sex such as because of religious and cultural constraints or just because it can get messy. Avoid springing a surprise even if your partner may have told you about one of his/her fantasies being that of having sex during menstruation a long time ago.

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Use Contraception

If you are looking forward to having oral sex, we suggest that the woman at least put a menstrual cup so that the flow of blood is stopped. This, however, will not work for the actual sex bit in which case you can use a softcup or diaphragm.

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Be Confident

Just because the only difference between having sex while your partner is menstruating and when she is not is the existence of a menstruation tool in the former, do not think it is an outwardly thing. Be confident like you would be when she is not on her menses. Having sex during the bloody days is not unhygienic. Period is hygienic, period. You do not want your partner to feel unworthy for having periods.

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Try it in the Shower

The best part about taking a shower and having sex in the confines of it during menstruation is that there is no scope for a mess-up. In fact, under the influence of flowing water, the woman would temporarily be off her periods. Besides, whatever red discharge that occurs, gets automatically washed away by the water. If you are not so much of an environmentalist or a campaigner fighting for saving water from wastage, this is the best that you could try.

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Avoiding the Mess

You could avoid a lot of mess by keeping tissues handy. Also, you could have a towel placed under the woman so the bed sheets do not get spoilt. Once the sex is over, the woman must wipe off any menstrual fluid to prevent the place from getting messy.

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Try the “Bend” Position

If you are wondering the best possible positions that you can try while having sex during menstruation, we suggest try the bend position. This position is similar in type to the doggy style where the woman is on all fours. This position is considered the best to be utilised during menstruation because it ensures optimum penetration and cuts the risk of unwanted leaking.

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Climb the Mountain

The next position that is worth trying is the mountain climber position. This is similar to that of the missionary positive where the legs of the woman are on her partner’s shoulder. This position will prevent a lot of fluid from spilling, thus ensuring there isn’t a lot of clean-up to be done later.

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Maintain your Sex Appeal

This is for you if you are a woman. Instead of sitting at home and gorging on feel-good snacks during your periods, try to keep your sex appeal intact by going out or generally being active. This will not only give you relief from cramps but also increase your attraction quotient by many times.

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