Tips to Apply the Perfect Blush and Stun the World with your Radiant Face

Jul 19, 2014

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    Blush on for that Perfect Skin

    A makeup kit is one of the most valuable things for a woman. The contents of her makeup kit give a woman immense satisfaction that she can have the look she desires whenever and wherever she wants to. But, it is the same blush on and foundation bottles that can put you at a risk of looking 10 years older when you don’t use them properly. So, here are some tips to put the blush perfectly and have a glowing skin.

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    Skin Tone Match

    To have a perfect blush on the face, always choose blushes that match your skin's undertones. If your skin tone is warm, select a warm tone, otherwise pick a cooller tone.

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    Blush Tester

    If you face trouble while choosing the right blush for your skin, here is what you can do. Make a fist and squeeze your hand tightly. Now, release and compare the colour of your palm and fingertips with the colour of blushes kept in the palette. Pick the one you find the closest to the colour of your palm.

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    Applying the Right Way

    How you apply the blush plays an important part in the amount of glow you will have on your face. Start putting the blush from infront of the ear and then move diagonally towards the nose.

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    For Square Face

    If you have a square face, it must be softened. Use a neutral shade on the outer jaw below earlobes and along outer edges of the forehead.

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    For Short Face

    If you have a short face, use a neutral blush to apply the blush on upper forehead and jaw line.

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    For Round Face

    For round face, start applying the blush from middle of the ear and blend it towards the nose.

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    Brighten your Eyes

    Once you have applied some touch up, it’s time to brighten the eyes. Apply the blush lightly on the eyelids.

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    To Enhance Cheekbones

    Blend liquid bronzer under cheekbones and then the blush on the cheeks.

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    To Enhance the Jaw Line

    If you want to have an enhanced jaw line, apply a bronzer or a deep-toned powder below the jaw starting from one earlobe to the other earlobe. Blend it under the chin.

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    To Glow for Hours

    If you want your face to glow for a long time, apply a crème blush and keep the foundation damp. Blend with the foundation brush and dust with loose powder.

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