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Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

Getting pregnant can be fun there remains some apprehensions that should be taken care of.

Pregnancy By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 15, 2013

Keep a Check on your Medication

There are various medications available in the market, which are quite safe for developing babies, but some are not. If you are taking any medication, you need to clear it with the doctor before you try to get pregnant. This will give your body time to adjust to a change in medication or time to wean off of a medication that may not be suitable or safe for the pregnant mother.

Get Rid of Stress

High stress level is not a friend to a pregnant woman. Now that you are planning on getting pregnant, it is time for you to de-stress and enter calm and cool state of mind. Try to figure out reasons of stress in your life and do your level best to change it. You may start yoga, meditation or writing. These help in lowering stress levels.


Exercise is not only great for getting rid of stress, but it has lots of other benefits too. A good exercise regime will make you healthier. A healthy woman is more receptive of becoming pregnant. It provides more energy and a better night’s sleep, which will be important in the months to come.

Avoid Bad Stuff

You probably know about all that that needs to go out of your life when it comes to getting pregnant: drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Your body needs to be a shrine of good health prior to becoming an incubator for your new baby. Remember that all of these substances are extremely harmful to a developing fetus particularly in the first weeks of development. So, stay away from these bad stuffs to make your pregnancy experience a better one.

Talk to your Partner

One thing many people overlook when they decide to get pregnant is the emotional factor. No matter how successful your conception and pregnancy would be, it would always cause some strain on your relationship. Now is the time for you to sit with your partner and have a serious discussion about your hopes and expectations for conception, pregnancy and child raising. By doing this you will hopefully remove stress down the road and be much happier!

Avoid Environmental Toxins

Chemicals have long been suspected of causing birth defects. If your work environment requires unavoidable exposure to chemicals, use gloves, masks and adequate ventilation. Avoid exposure to lead; this is especially important when buying and restoring old furniture or renovating home. Those who work in the medical field should take special care to take precautions against radiation.


During pregnancy, your baby would rely on you for all the nutritional requirements. Address any weight issues before you get pregnant. Being overweight or underweight can pose certain problems, such as affecting your ability to conceive, creating a strain on your heart and depriving your baby of important nutrients.


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