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10 Tips to Gain Weight

Many resources are available that focus on healthy weight loss, but just as important is healthy weight gain.

Weight Management By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 18, 2013

Add Energy Dense Food to Diet

Include energy dense food like milkshakes, nuts and nut butters, full-fat, avocados and seeds to your diet. These energy dense foods contain high amounts of calories. These foods are normally avoided when trying to lose weight however they are essentially very important when your aim is to achieve weight gain.

Take Regular Meals

You need to include large portions of unprocessed, nutritious foods such as nuts and nut butters, seeds, dried fruits, yogurt, milk, cheese and avocados to your daily meals. Make eating regularly a priority and a habit in your life. Take your time and adequately plan, prepare and eat at least three meals every day.

Increase the Portion Size

Increasing the amount of food you eat would make a lot of difference. You may feel uncomfortable with this change initially hence it’s better that you begin with small and gradual changes like adding extra chess and meat in your lunchtime meals. Instead of using smaller, use bigger plates and bowls and drink beverages from larger glass.

Include Snacks

Include more of unprocessed foods such as nuts, seeds and dried and fresh fruit that are nutritious and can be easily tucked inside your backpack, briefcase or purse to eat when you are away from home. Eat every two to three hours to enhance your calorie intake.

Add Caloric Beverages

Choose nutritious fruit juices and milk as beverages instead of water or other calorie-free beverages. Whip up smoothies at home with fresh fruit and yogurt instead of buying processed ones which may be high in fat and sugars and low in nutrient content.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is the building block, and your body is going to be starving for it if you don't add enough proteins to your diet.   Never let your protein intake go lower than 2.5 gms per kilo of body weight when you are aiming to add long-term muscles.

Add 500 Calories Daily

To gain 1 pound of weight per week, aim to increase your calorie intake by 500 each day. Add butter and cheese to foods during preparation. Drink whole milk instead of reduced-fat milk. Choose starchy vegetables such as peas, lima beans or corn more frequently than others with higher water content.

Track your Progress

Increase your awareness of what you eat by keeping a food journal, recording the types and amounts of foods you eat. This simply helps to keep a track of diet changes you are making. If you need further guidance, consider consulting a registered dietician who can help keep you motivated.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is essential in building muscles which also aids weight gain efforts. Always remember that to increase calorie intake to compensate the energy burned during activity. This way not only you will gain weight but will also keep healthy.

Limit Highly Processed Foods

High-calorie processed foods, including fast food, are commonly high in sodium and low in vitamin and mineral content. Choose healthy, unprocessed alternatives to optimize your nutritional intake.


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