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This is Why Rejection Hurts and How to Cope With it

Rejection makes us feel bad and can even turn the mood upside down. We often over think about it and end up taking it as a big lose.

Dating By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Mar 24, 2014


Rejection feels bad and it can even turn your mood upside down. We over think rejection and take it as a loss. Here is why rejection hurts and how we can cope with it effectively.

Affects All

It is impossible to avoid rejection and the hurt it will cause. Everyday situations can lead to rejections that can affect even the strongest. However, the wise people cope with rejection nicely while some start holding back just avoids rejection which is not at all wise.

It Can Happen Anytime

It doesn't have to be a big issue like promotion or a date, rejection can happen even during a mild conversation when you feel nobody laughed at your nice joke. You may feel rejected when no one remembered to save a seat for you.

Its Normal

Feeling rejected is a feeling that everyone is familiar with. It feels quite opposite to feeling accepted however being rejected doesn't mean that you aren't liked or valued. Instead of trying to avoid rejection we must learn to live with it.

Respect the Rejection

One must accept rejection as a mere consequence of someone not reaction as per your expectation. However, it never means that the person is against you. You must not avoid or dislike such a person. Instead, respect their opinion, behavior and rejection as well.

Let Yourself Feel Bad

Rejection makes you feel bad but unfortunately we often try to suppress the feelings which makes coping with rejection. Allow yourself to feel rejected and feel bad for it, however don't think about it for too long. While stopping yourself from accepting rejection may turn you angry, feeling bad for too long can also stop you from being socially active.

Nothing Personal

People often take rejections personally which is like giving undue importance to them. Rejection is usually a result of behavior and nature. So don't take it personally the next time someone rejects your job application.

Don't Expect Change

People often begin to hope that the person who rejected them will change his mind one day. This is a common issue in cases where love and attraction is involved. Don't feel to make them change the opinion or wait for them to accept you. Care for those who like you the way you are.

Acknowledge and Move On

Accept and acknowledge the rejection with the fact that anyone can be rejected by someone. Instead of sticking to a rejection, move on with your life. You can't care about all the rejections as it is happening all the time.

Rejection Hurts Them Too

Always remember that usually a person feels bad while rejecting someone. So don't take them as inhuman or insensitive when they reject you. Understand these things to understand and cope up with rejection.


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