This is what happens when you don't brush your tongue

Mar 31, 2017

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    What happens when you do not brush your tongue?

    Is brushing teeth is enough and rinsing your mouth? Well, we do make the mistake of thinking that brushing teeth is enough. Tongue is something that we mostly overlook while cleaning our mouth. Oral hygiene is incomplete without cleansing of tongue. Half of the oral and dental problems that we go through are because of partial cleaning of mouth.

    If you too are overlooking your tongue while brushing your teeth, here are some problems that can occur to you. Take a look!


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    Bad breath

    Yes, if lately you are getting bad breath; your unclean tongue could be the reason. Indeed few foods cause bad breath too. When you do not brush your tongue, bacteria begin to dwell on your tongue and gradually the growing bacteria will cause you to have bad breath. The stink is actually coming out of the bugs living on your tongue. Of course they are tiny little bugs that you cannot see with your naked eyes. Just brush your tongue along with your teeth to prevent bacterial growth.


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    Inactive taste buds

    When you do not brush your teeth, your tongue gets coated in food, bacteria and dead skin that cover your taste buds too, making you unable to taste things. Either you taste less or you are not able to taste anything. When you eat or drink something the particles of everything makes a layer on your tongue but it can be brushed away. Regular brushing will also keep your taste buds clean and active.


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    Yeast growth

    When you have yeast growth in your mouth, it can also spread to your gums and teeth. Yes, bacteria and yeast build-up in your mouth can cause severe oral and dental problems like gingivitis, gum inflammation and many other severe oral conditions.


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