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This is how you Date in your Early Twenties

When you date in your early 20s you are more vulnerable to making mistakes, but there can be exceptions too. If you fear your inexperience can make you appear as complete turn-off, here is some help for you.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Nov 12, 2014

To Make her Stick Longer!

Dating in early 20s can be difficult if you fall off the track. It may be unacceptable for few men at this age to let someone share their life. Although you may be pumped about dating someone, lack of experience can make things in the relationship go haywire. So, if you are in your early 20s and wish to make the girl stick with you for a long time, here is a list of do’s and don’ts you must follow.

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Open Doors for Her

Other men of your age may be rough and belligerent but, when you are with a girl a more gentle approach is needed. Open the car's, restaurant's or room's doors for her and let her see the compassionate side of you.

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Get her Flowers

Getting her flowers may sound cheesy for men who date before the age of 25 years but, you must also understand that getting her a bunch of fresh flowers can light up her mood at any given point.

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Plan a Fun Date

Instead of planning for a formal and sophisticated dinner, it is better to take her out to a place where the two of you can indulge in fun activities followed by a delicious dinner. Put some thought into planning a date and make sure you have made a note of all her likes and dislikes.

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Don’t Wait for Three Days to Call

The theory which claims that you must wait for at least three days after meeting her before you give her a call is a faux pas. But, that does not mean you could load a hammer with text messages and friend requests soon after she leaves the place.

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Make her Talk about Herself

Men at this age usually like to yap about themselves. This mostly happens due to nervousness. Avoid doing this and ask her to talk about herself. This will let you know her better.

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Stay Calm

It is fine to be nervous on a date but, don’t make it a show by asking her over and over about her experience on the date. You may be inquisitive to know if she is having fun on the date but, that does not give the liberty to pop the same question 10 times in an hour.

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Be Honest

Dating at this age can be for the sake of fun and there is nothing wrong in it. But, what you need the most is to be true to her. Tell her that you are not looking for something serious so that she does not receive the wrong signals.

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Avoid Talking about Exes

This rule applies to all the couples. Talking about their past may not be a good topic for discussion. Neither ask about their exes nor talk about your past relations.

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