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This is how successful people start their week

BY Onlymyhealth Staff WriterJun 12, 2017

They don’t snooze

We all have set alarm for morning because yes, waking up in the morning is an uphill task and that is why we hit the snooze button but the one, who wishes to be successful never snoozes. Snooze button does let us sleep more but it is just promoting laziness and nothing. Successful people do snooze and wake-up in one go. Waking up ‘in one go’ is a big task. If you have woken up, leave the bed right away, don’t let lethargy take over.

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When successful people get up, they start the day with some physical activity, not letting sleepiness or lethargy win. Being physically active is one thing that assures strong mind and body, which is n essential for a successful life. Even simple yoga or a simple run would do if you one is not able to hit the gym.

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Schedule the week

Monday is the best day to schedule the entire week, based on the priorities and results. If a task has tangible and fast results, set it as lowest priority, so that you can prepare for it by the mid or end of the week and the tasks that has no or minimum results, set it as top priority and get done with it, so that the rest of the week goes smooth and you have time to think about the top priority task.

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Start and don’t quit

Sometimes people quit starting the week in the first place; they don’t go to work on Monday. But that’s not what successful people do, they start the day, they start the week, no matter how tough it seems they go for it.

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