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This is how Sleep Debt can Slow Down your Life

Sleep-deprivation can hamper your activities and gradually take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. You become crabby, forgetful, impulsive and indecisive when you don’t share a happy bond with your sleep. Here is a list of some more probl

Mental Health By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 24, 2014

The Importance of Sleep

Nearly most of us had that `stop nagging me’ look on our face when our mothers instructed us to hit bed on time. It’s probably now that we understand the importance of having those precious hours of sleep. The drive to sleep is regulated by an internal process called sleep homeostasis. To make it simpler, this means that when you sleep in excess your desire to sleep will be lost and when you do not sleep for a sufficient duration, the loss will increase the desire.

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Sleep Debt

When a person goes without sleeping for a long time, it’s known as sleep debt. When this sleep debt keeps on increasing it adds on the burden and degrades your performance with every coming day. There are many other repercussions of not having proper sleep. Some of them are listed here.

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Decreased Focusing Abilities

When you have an excess baggage of sleep debt, your efficiency can decrease drastically. Soon fatigue will take over attention as a result of which your cognitive performance will get affected. When you have large sleep debt, learning, memory and creativity are significantly disturbed.

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Mood Swings

When you have been deprived of sleep, suffering from mood swings is the most common consequence that you will experience. You can find a sleep-deprived person laughing beyond control one moment and the very next moment you can find them teary eyed or yelling in anger.

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Less Energy

When you go without sleep for long hours, you experience loss of energy. People who do not receive sufficient sleep often feel lethargic and de-motivated towards performing any task.

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Loss of Control and Coordination

Lack of sleep can also mean a loss of control over your body movements. People who feel tired due to sleeplessness are always incapable of performing enhanced physical activities as they have a loss appetite.

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Sleeplessness can also be a cause of pain like headaches. The anxiety caused due to sleep-deprivation can make your neck and back ache. This pain can further worsen your condition while performing a job.

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When you are unable to get to get proper sleep many important decisions of your life are hampered. Either you do not have the strength to take any decisions or you simply end up making the wrong ones.

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