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Do you Still Think about your Ex? Your Marriage could be in Danger

If the memories of your past relationship still find a place in your head, they will continue haunting your married life. Moving on in life is very essential especially when you have tied the knot with a new person.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Jun 10, 2014

It's Time to Get Over

Your life finds a new meaning after marriage and the future course of your actions is completely based on this new relationship. But, moving on and letting go of your past isn’t a child’s play. If you had had a romantic relationship in the past and could not tie the knot with him/her, there is a high chance that you'd think about the lost flame even if you are married to another person. Thinking about them will make you realize that your future belongs to someone else and your ex is only a part of your past now, which further wrenches your heart.

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Why do we Miss Them?

One of the reasons you miss your ex is because you come across things and places that have some or the other memory associated with your ex. When you visit a place where you went for dates with your ex, it is natural to be reminded of a person who is no more with you.

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Your Partner’s Habit

It is possible that the person you are married to has some habits same as your ex’s. You may hear the same song playing in your house which your ex once dedicated to you.

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This is How your Marriage gets into Trouble

When your ex’s memories do not fade out even after your marriage, your relationship with your partner is ought to fall into trouble. Unknowingly or unwillingly you will end up doing something which will harm your marriage.

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How to Avoid Remembering your Ex?

If your ex is not a part of your life anymore, make sure their memories also don’t find a place in your life. You have entered a new relationship and it very important for you to respect that. Understand that you will never extract anything beneficial by keeping your past relationship’s memories intact. Forget your past and worry about your present and future.

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Don’t Compare

This is the worst that you could do to your marriage. You must never compare your partner with your ex because it is a sin to compare your present and future with your past. You are de-meaning yourself if you are comparing your partner to anyone.

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Avoid Visiting those Places

If you really wish to get over your past, the best way is to avoid visiting the places you used to visit with them. Visiting those places may bring back the memories of your previous relationship and you may unknowingly ruin it with your partner.

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Avoid Common Friends

It happens when a couple is in a relationship they make have a lot of common friends. So, once you are no longer in the relationship avoid that set of friends with who both of you used to hang out together. That group of friends may be another source of brining back to you the memories of your ex.

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Don’t Spy over their Facebook Account

Social networking plays a significant role in making you have a stroll through the memory lane. Although both of you must have removed each other from your profile but, spying on each other is not at all recommended.

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Live your Present

Your past may have given you some beautiful memories and the moments which you spent with your ex must have been the most beautiful ones but, the hard truth is that you cannot ignore your present. In fact, you should try to look for reasons to stay happy in your present which will carve a happy future for you.

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Accept your New Life

Try to find happiness with the new person who has entered your life. Shift your focus on the future and concentrate on your married life.

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