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Things your doctor won’t tell you about your bones

You are wrong to think that doctors tell your everything about your health. So, here are some important things about bones that orthopaedics wouldn’t tell you.

Bone Health By Himanshu Sharma / Oct 14, 2014

Lesser Known Facts about Bone

It is a well-known fact that as we age, our ability to build bone decreases. Building-up and breaking-down of bones is a continuous process. If you think doctors know everything and can tell you everything, it’s a misconception. Here are some things about bones that even orthopaedics wouldn’t tell you. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Estrogen is Key to Healthy Bone Density in Women

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, a woman's bone density can drop by as much as 20 percent over about five years after menopause. Estrogen is key to keep the bone cells that chew up old bone in check. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Drinking too much denies your Bones the needed Nutrients

Your doctor won’t tell you but drinking can contribute to bone fractures from falls (Source: National Institutes of Health). Excessive alcohol keeps your bones from getting the nutrients they need. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Healthy Digestion is Critical for Good Bone Health

According to National Institute of Health Osteoporosis Resource Center, digestive health conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, lactose intolerance, and anorexia nervosa can affect your bone health. When you have a healthy digestion, the vitamins and minerals get easily absorbed by the bones and vice-versa. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

GERD Treatment could Weaken your Bones

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the use of large amounts of antacids that contain aluminium for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) treatment could weaken your bones. Similar effect can be experienced upon using drugs that treat heartburn. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Steroids can Weaken your Bones

According to National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF), taking steroid medications can cause bone loss over time. Be watchful of steroid meds that treat rheumatoid arthritis, asthma or allergies, lupus, Crohn’s disease,cancer or after an organ transplant. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Calcium Supplements don’t reverse Bone Loss

It is perceived that calcium supplements reverse bone loss, but they actually slow the process. Doctors recommend them to slow bone loss than fast bone loss. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Calcium can put you at risk of Heart Attack

Calcium from “rock and chalk” (from rock quarries and strip mines), the most common forms of supplemental increase your heart attack risk significantly. The supplemental calcium contributes to arterial plaques, clogs up your arteries and ups your chances of heart attack. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)

Calcium Supplement is useless without other Vital Nutrients

Calcium can only get the job done with the support of vitamins D3 and K2, and minerals strontium, magnesium, and silica. Without these nutrients, calcium is not absorbed by the bones. (Image source:Gettyimgaes.in)


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