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Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex

Don’t ignore the etiquette of what not to say to your ex after your relationship is kaput.

Snr By Ariba Khaliq / Mar 07, 2014

My Ex was a Dork

Whenever things end the jerky way with your dorky ex, all you want to do is to tell them how stupid they are. But, don’t let your emotional unavailability ignore the etiquette of what not to say to your ex after your relationship is kaput. You should resist the temptation for your own sake. Know what all should you not say to your ex. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

The sex was bad

Russell Brand could use this advice. Just keep your observations to yourself even if your ex just lay there like a dead fish every time you made out or if their idea of foreplay felt like an alien probe. Being vocal about it won’t do any good. Anyways, you won’t have to keep up with it anymore. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

You Were Broke

Just because your ex couldn’t match your lifestyle, doesn’t mean they are bad or cheap. Acting high maintenance by complaining about their lack of funds is a big no-no. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Everything You Did or Said was Terrible

It’s not fair to eliminate every good thing they did or every good time you had just because you have broken up. If someone brings up a great memory of the two, take a deep breath and remind yourself “yes, but it’s over now.” Image Courtesy: Getty Images

You were a Jerk

Were they really? Then why did you date them for whatever time you did? Saying this makes you the bad guy here. You don’t want to look worse or bitter. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

I Still Love You

Telling them that you still love them will only prolong your healing from the heartache. Don’t let the breakup get to your nerves to the extent that you complicate your life beyond repair. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

I was Embarrassed to be With You

Well again, you shouldn’t have dated them in the first place. Also, never abash them by recounting their embarrassing stories that they might have shared with you while you were dating. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

I will Let Out Your Embarrassing Secrets

Don’t be untrustworthy by threatening them that you will do such a thing. And for god’s sake, don’t ever do it. Keep their major secrets about their family, or childhood or work. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

“Your Mother” Blah Blah

Anything about their mother, even remotely derogatory, can make you the worst person on this earth. Anyways, there is no need to pull in anyone’s family to your muck. Nobody, absolutely nobody can win with this one. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Thank God I Don’t Have to Bear You Anymore

Saying this is plain stupid. Of course you don’t have to bear them anymore now that you have broken up. Take a deep breath and say nothing. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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