Things you must know if you are getting your face waxed

Jun 05, 2017

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    Choice of wax

    There are different kinds of wax available in the market such as, chocolate wax, regular wax, Persian wax and Italian Rica wax. If you have a sensitive skin Rica and Persian wax are for you. Still if you are not sure about your skin type, you may ask the beautician about the right kind of wax for your skin. When you have opted wax for face, the type that you go for matters. And do not experiment, if you have a sensitive skin.


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    It will hurt like anything

    Well, it will be an understatement if say it will hurt a little because it will hurt like anything because the skin of face is thinner as compared to the skin of rest of your other body parts. However, you cannot do much about it, as you will get used to it. You can rub ice after the waxing session to minimise the impact.


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    The medications that you are taking

    If you are on acne and pimple or any sort of skin medications, waxing can cause skin irritation or even skin peeling during waxing as skin becomes thinner due to skin medications. So, if you are under any sort of medication, take your doctor’s advice before going for a face wax.


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    The hygiene quotient

    Make sure the parlour that you have chosen best hygiene practices. Make sure they do not do the second round with the same stick. Same stick can cause skin reactions, so always ask them to make use of different wooden stick. Also, sometimes the beautician uses same stick for different people; in such cases always ask for a fresh wooden stick.


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    Pimples and acnes

    If you have an acne and pimples prone skin, you should better opt for thread technique or laser because waxing can irate your skin and cause breakouts. You should consult a dermatologist for this or even a soft wax will cause irritation.


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