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5 Things you Must Not do Post Break-up

Break-up blues may be haunting, especially if you are the one pushed out of it. That, however, does not give you the license to exploit yourself or your partner (oops, ex!). Here is a list of 5 sins you cannot commit post a break-up.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Jan 14, 2013

Calling him incessantly

Calling your ex is the last thing he or she is expecting from you. In fact, it could be your excruciatingly obsessive feeling of calling him or her every hour of the day that left you lurching alone. You didn’t care earlier, but now it is too late!

Facebook-’pressing’ your emotions

It is a world known fact that people love to let everyone know the emotional strain that they are put through post a break up on Facebook. Facebook is not your personal diary to script every detail of your life.

Getting a haircut

Individuals tend to rush to the salon as soon as they breakup to groom themselves up with a new hairstyle. It is perhaps reasonable that you choose to get your hair cut once the stress post-break up has relieved. You surely don’t want to get a bowl cut in haste.

Hitting it off with Someone New

It is acceptable to run into the bed of another man or woman, but getting emotionally tied with him or her is not. You may have a chance of establishing a long term relationship with the new person if you give your body and mind some time to cool down.

Trying to be Friends

Even though you may reiterate the fact that you want your romantic relationship to cascade down to being “just friends”, you are helping nobody but ruining your peace of mind.


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