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Things You May Not Know About Your Period

Society puts menstruation as something that "should be covered, hidden and cleaned up,” which is why even many well informed women don't seem to know these important things about their periods.

Women's Health By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 25, 2014

That Time of the Month

If you are a woman in your childbearing age, you must be menstruating every month, but chances are you still don’t know a few things about your period. Because our society puts it as something that "should be covered, hidden and cleaned up," even well informed women don't seem to know important details about how their body works. In fact, a 2012 Australian survey found that only "13 percent of women could correctly answer which days of their menstrual cycle they were fertile. Check out if you know-it-all about your periods. Image Courtesy: Getty


You can get Pregnant while on Period

It is highly unlikely, but not impossible. Some women experience bleeding when they are ovulating, and if you interpret that as a period, yes, you can get pregnant. Don’t use menstruation as an excuse to not use protection. Image Courtesy: Getty


Irregular Periods can Indicate Many Things

An extreme weight loss, stress, pregnancy, use of certain medications or serious illnesses like uterine cancer- all of these can cause irregular menstruation which may come in forms of a missed period, spotting between periods or a period lasting more than seven days. Image Courtesy: Getty


There’s a Walt Disney Movie about Periods

In 1946, Disney released “The Story of Menstruation” as an educational aid for sex education classes. It is rumoured that the film was the first to use the word "vagina."  Image Courtesy: hdwallpaperscool.com


You Release Less than a Cup of Blood

You may feel like you are bleeding heavily but the truth is that most women lose between a few tablespoonfuls and a cupful of blood each month. This is not to say that super absorbent pads are not necessary sometimes. Image Courtesy: Getty


Whatever You Call it, it is Still Menstruation

Most women are embarrassed to say they are on their periods and usually have code names with friends to say it. Most popular ones are “shark week,” “TTOM (that time of the month),” “Aunt Flo,” and as ridiculous as “crime scene.” But, dear friends it’s your period after all and you shouldn’t be ashamed to say it. It is a natural body process. Image Courtesy: Getty


Periods make Your Sex Drive Go Up

Progesterone is a hormone that makes your libido go down and while you are menstruating, your progesterone levels decrease. Meaning? You feel friskier than ever. So, you are not the only woman to want more than just a chocolate while on periods. Image Courtesy: Getty


Period Synching is a Mystery

Ever heard of the term “Alfa chick”? It refers to the woman who synchs up all other women to the same period start time so all women in the group menstruate at the same time. So is the Alfa chick real or myth? Even though research is still inconclusive, if you get your period at the same time as your sister or BFF it certainly seems real. Image Courtesy: Getty


You’re Attractive to Men when You’re Menstruating

Men find ovulating women more attractive! One study from the Psychological Science journal discovered that men’s testosterone levels soared when they caught a whiff of clothing worn by ovulating women vs. experiencing lower levels of testosterone when sniffing the clothes of non-ovulating women. This suggests a male biological urge to mate with women are at their most fertile. Image Courtesy: Getty


You’ve Plenty of Eggs

The average female is born with roughly 2-million eggs at her disposal. By the time she hits puberty that number decreases to around 40,000. However, you’ll only ever release 500 eggs in a lifetime so don’t fear a shortage. Happy menstruating! Image Courtesy: Getty


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