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Things you did not know about twins

Birth of twin children is rather miraculous. Whenever there is a pair of exactly lookalike is born, the level of excitement and joy is always incomparable. However, there are some myths related to twins, some are true while some are not. Let’s break

Tips for Parent By Namrata Dutta / Feb 15, 2016

A girl and a boy can be identical twins

A boy and a girl could never be identical. Identical twins are developed from one Zygote. While one the other hand, fraternal twins are developed in two separate eggs that are fertilized by two different sperms. Thus, fraternal twins could either be two boys or two girls.

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Twin have their own secret language

This is sheer myth; twins do not have any secret language. This term can be called as Cryptophasia, where two people talk in a secret language but nothing like this happens with kids. Like other normal toddlers, twins wail and yelp and we take it as their secret language.

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Do they born separately

Yes, twins born separately, at an interval of several minutes or hours.

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Do they possess similar finger prints?

People believe that twins have same finger prints but like other myths, this statement has no truth in it. Anatomically, people are different from each other. Though, twin kids look alike but surely their anatomical creation formation will be different from each other.

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Twins' character traits

The notion is fairly true that twins either have opposing character or complementary traits. Twins do have personality traits based on each other’s traits.

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