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Give your Dilemma a Break. This is want your Woman Exactly wants

To have a peaceful relationship, it is necessary for both the genders to understand each other. It may seem to be difficult sometimes but, trying does no harm. So, if you were trying to know what your woman wants here are few helpful clues.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / May 31, 2014

Decoding Women

The world seems to have been a perfect place if men and women started understanding each other completely. Really? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Accept it or not, the brainless arguments which take place between men and women keep the life moving and interesting. The day both the sexes start comprehending each other’s point of view completely, your life will lose its charm. There shall be no disagreements, no discussions, and no arguments. And, the perfection will eventually make your life dull and boring. However, the fact remains that men and women can never fully understand each other. The battle of the sexes is endless. Both the sexes contribute to the relationship with their unique gender qualities. To attain truce, both the genders must know what their partner wants.

So, for starters here we give few things women wish their man would know.

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Be Vocal

Women don’t believe in reading minds or slipping into the role of a psychiatrist. They want men to be vocal about things they want. Saying things upfront is what a woman wishes for.

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Always be Ready for `The Look’

Sometimes women don’t want to put their feelings into words. They want their stare or `the look’ to say it all. So, all the men out there must be well acquainted with that look to make life simpler.

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Start Multi-Tasking

Women can multi-task quite efficiently and so they expect their man to do the same. They want men to take it slow which will make them do two things at a time.

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Burps and Farts are not Appreciated at all

If you were thinking burping or farting while she was around made you funny, be careful. She just does not appreciate your bodily sounds and then your habit of blaming the kids or the pets.

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You have to Agree in the End

When you are left dumbstruck during an argument, the only possible way out is to agree with the woman.

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Don’t Act Smart

The days when women were dependent on their partners for almost everything are long gone. Women are smart and witty so, your know-it-all behaviour may be a big turn off for them. Let them have a say too because they also have an opinion about things.

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`Do I Look Fat’? That’s a Tricky Question

When she asks you this, be quick in replying. The pause you take to think will be taken as a `yes’ and then you are in deep trouble.

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`I will Think Over it’ means a No

When her answer to anything is `I will think over it’ you should know it for sure that she is never going to say what you desire to hear. So, the sooner you forget the better it will be.

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Ask for Directions

If you ask for directions, it will not make you any less of a man. It is always better to know ask for directions and reach the destination quickly and safely.

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It’s Okay to Express

If you think expressing your love is unmasculine or crying when you are hurt is a girl’s job, then you may be completely contradicting your woman’s thoughts. Women want you to express your feelings no matter how bad they are.

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