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Things women should do to look taller

Do you know that a few fashion mistakes and wrong body postures can affect your overall personality? Like making you look short and not so hot. Not kidding, there are few things that make you look short even if you are not that short. To err is human

Fashion & Beauty By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 13, 2017

Stand Straight

Born with a great height is not in your hands, is it? However, you must not lose heart if you are short. Some hacks can help you look taller, like body postures. The first thing that you need to understand is that slouching doesn’t look very stylish and it can make you look shorter. A simple body posture of yours can make you look taller.

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Go Monochrome

The idea is to reduce the optical clutter, and minimize the breaks that multiple color clothing creates in your vertical body frame. Wearing dark colors elongates the silhouette.

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Choose Tight Fitted Clothes

Wearing loose fitted clothes naturally gives the illusion of you being a bit short. Like wearing palazzos, harem, dhoti pants can make your legs look shorter. Tight fit clothes enable you to have a sleek silhouette.

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Try To Wear Pants With No Breaks

The hemlines of your pant shouldn’t be below your ankles. A pant with no breaks will allow your pant to stay right above your ankles.

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High Waist

If you are wearing skirts and pants, you can go for the ones with a high waist button, a button stance basically. This stretches the vertical view of your body frame, making you look relatively taller.

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Vertical Stripes

Pants and shirts with vertical stripes can make you look taller while you must avoid wearing print with horizontal patterns.

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