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Things to prepare for doctor’s visit

You have limited time in hand when you are visiting the doctor. This is why it is important for you to be prepared before you visit him.

Mind Body By Ariba Khaliq / May 16, 2014

Prepare to be Sure

You have limited time in hand when you are visiting the doctor. This is why it is important for you to be prepared by thinking what all you want to do during the visit. You must keep in mind questions about your symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, medicines, and effectiveness of your health care. Write down questions to bring to your appointment so that you don’t forget them and repent later. Here are some ways to help you get ready for your next appointment. Image Courtesy: Getty


List of Concerns

You must make a list of questions and problems that are bothering you and are the reason for your visit to the doctor. Your most important questions and concerns should come at top of the list so that they aren’t left out because of time constraint. Image Courtesy: Getty


List of Medications

You must write down all the medications you are taking including prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, and other natural remedies such as herbal products. This will allow the doctor to see if the existing treatment is working, or if any medicine has been causing any side-effects, and if not, it will help him to prescribe a treatment that does not interfere with any of your existing treatments. Image Courtesy: Getty


Health Screenings

Sometimes the doctor would want to get you screened for a health problem and then would make his diagnosis. This will make your visit go to waste because the doctor will only prescribe some tests to you. It is better to call the clinic beforehand and ask about any screenings or vaccinations you must take before the visit.


Companion for Help

Ask a friend or family member to come with you, if you think it will be helpful. This person can help listen, take notes and offer support. Image Courtesy: Getty



Everyone seems to have some kind of smartphone device: an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPad. There will downtime when you’re waiting. Use this time to look up what your symptoms are and you may ask questions to your doctor based on this research. The smartphone also keeps you busy if your wait is particularly long! Image Courtesy: Getty



While you hare at your doctor’s, you must take notes of what your doctor says. Sometimes the doctor is so engrossed in explaining you things that he might not write everything on your prescription. That’s when your notes will come handy. Image Courtesy: Getty



You must remember to tell all your problems to the doctor and nurse, even if it has been a slight change in the way you feel or even if the symptom has occurred even once. Tell them the problems, any changes in them, their frequency, and their intensity. Image Courtesy: Getty



Answer your doctor’s questions about diet, sexual history, exercise, and lifestyle habits with honesty. Don’t leave out anything because of embarrassment; your doctor won’t judge you. Image Courtesy: Getty


Family History

You must remember to tell your doctor if you have any allergies to medications, foods, pollen or any other things. Tell him about a family history of any diseases that you might suspect of suffering yourself. Bring to your doctor’s notice if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive. This is important because some medications are not safe for women who are either expecting or are trying to. Image Courtesy: Getty


Other Doctors

If you are or until recently were seeing any other doctor for treatment, share it with your current doctor. The two must not prescribe a treatment that clash. This should include any mental health professionals that you must be seeing. Image Courtesy: Getty


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