Things to do when You are a Witness to a Road Accident

Jul 25, 2014

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    During an Accident

    Road accidents occur on a daily basis all over the world. There are three parties in a prospective accident site, one being the victim, the second is the culprit (in some cases there are none), and the third the witness. You as a witness have responsibilities to carry out, as a responsible citizen of your nation, and also above all as a human being of the civilised world. Humanity needs good people, and you can be a part of this lot by doing the right thing. What exactly can you do in a situation where you have witnessed an accident?
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    Stay Calm

    Here is the first thing to do. No matter how gruesome and sickening the accident may have been, you must stay calm by all means. This is of absolute necessity. Do not go mad with the sight of an accident and run towards the site, think before you act. Try and focus on what can be done first.

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    Ask Help

    The first reaction should be calling help, report the matter to the police who will take adequate action. There are beat policemen on duty 24 hours a day, and all you have to do is to call the police helpline number and inform them regarding it. Even if it is a minor crash, the victim needs help and something has to done, so make that call.

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    Do not Move the Victims

    Do not put on a Superman act and start moving the victims by yourself, this can be dangerous. This is because head, neck and back injuries are common with accidents, and therefore you must not move the victim from his or her position. Instead you should try to stabilise the head and neck by placing hands on each side of the head. Ask the victim to know where it hurts and do not touch him or her there.

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    Don't Take Rash Decision

    Unless you find the situation to be very serious, do not take any random step. Stay right there and wait for professional help to come. Never take any decision that will harm the victim or jeopardise his or her situation. Be very careful on this regard. You have informed the authorities, not wait for help.

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    Try Saving Lives

    Now if lives happen to be in danger then you could act before the medical help arrives. Sometimes in a more serious situation you need to act before something goes amiss. Therefore, you could take a step forward to do something so as to help the victim in an emergency situation.

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    If Necessary Pull them Out

    This is another drastic step that you have to take if you want to help. Go over and pull the victim out to safety if the victim is in any further danger. Many times the load of the vehicle is over them and that happens to be very painful as you can understand. So, pull the victim out from such a situation and help him or her.
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    Do not Let People Crowd

    Until the medical and the police help comes, do not let people crowd aorund the accident scene. This only adds pain to the already hurt victims. Make sure that you stand at the site and guard the victims until help comes.
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