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Things that you must not do before cycling

Cycling is classed as the best cardio workout. And studies suggest that people who are active cyclists are less likely to have any blood pressure problems. However, there certain things many people do before cycling and these things that can straight

Exercise & Fitness By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Jun 24, 2017

Drinking a lot of water

Hydration is important but in moderation. Many people chug down one or two full glasses of water before a cycle ride to compensate water loss, which is not good. Your liver is only able to process a certain amount of water at once, drinking more than that is anyways not good. Drinking more water will only make you want to pee in every two minutes and in worse cases, drinking a lot of water can even cause you to nauseate. So, it is best advisable to drink only half and that too an hour before cycling. During cycling, a few sips of water will be enough, so just you don't parch.

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Eating food high on fat

Before cycling you need food that can easily break down into energy while food that high on fat, which does not break into energy. As fatty food takes a while to digest and stays longer in your gut and can eventually make your cycle ride tough while not supplying any energy while you ride.

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Avoid stretching

Usually stretching is a mandate before any physical activity but minutes before cycling is not a good thing because as per some studies suggest that stretching right before cycling can weaken your muscles, making you prone to muscle pulls. You can stretch at least 10 to 20 minutes before a cycle ride

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Not adjusting the gear right

Some people set their gear to make their cycle ride a bit tough, for better results while it only increases the chances of injury. It is not right to exert your body and muscles more than the designated capacity. It is better to only push to a moderate level as per your body’s capability.

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