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Solve the Mystery:Things that Make Women Keep Distance from you

Yellow teeth, sweaty body and your creepy talks can make a woman stay yards away from you. And, while you do your best to get closer, she still may not be interested in you at all. Know the mystery behind the cold shoulder.

Dating By Vasudha BhatSep 17, 2014

Mystery Solved

Have you been trying too hard to woo a woman with your personality? Is she still turned off by your presence? Her rejection may leave you baffled each time because you may have been at your best when you are with her. Not all men can excel when it comes to looks but, a little effort towards grooming yourself can make you lucky. So, here is why you have not been able to score a date.

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Lots of Sweat on your Body

Do you often hear the line `you sweat like a swine’? And, this even happens when you are not physically active. There are a lot of reasons that contribute to a sweaty body which includes your clothes made up of cheap fabric. If this is the case with you, choose clothes made up of natural fibers like cotton, linen and khaki.

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You have Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth can be a big turn off for women. They won’t even like to give a second look to the person who has discoloured teeth, let alone go on a date with them. Dental hygiene is essential and if you have been ignoring it, this is reasons enough for you to start now.

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You have a Unibrow

Hitting the salons is no more a gender-specific activity. And if you are those kinds who believe that going to the parlour is just not your thing then tweezing those extras in the bathroom is what you must do to get rid of that animated look.

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You have a Dull Skin

Skin care is as essential for men as it is for women. Treating acne and detoxifying your face must be an important part of your daily regime. Also, what you must not forget is that every season demands a different skin care.

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Your Neck is Hairy

There is no harm in walking those extra lengths to impress a woman. Using a little shaving cream on the neck and shaving off the extra hair just below the collar can make you more appealing.

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You are not Making a Move

Afraid of rejection, you may not be approaching a woman who has been waiting for your first move. Once you are confident that you now have the perfect personality traits, the next big step is to make the move at the right time.

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You Get Creepy

There can be times when you have a chance with women but your cheesy pickup lines may be turning them off. Check for the topics you choose while talking to a woman. Remember, first impression may not be the last but, it surely is a lasting impression.

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