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This is what girls do after breakup

The love of your life is gone and all you want is to curl up on your bed and think about him. Well, everybody has his own way of dealing with breakups. But, some characteristics are typical of all women who have just been through a break up.

Dating By Suhail Sattar / Oct 09, 2015

Locking self up for a week

Most girls lock themselves up after a breakup. Locking up in your room and hiding away from the world has its advantages. You wouldn’t that way have to meet or bump in to your ex boyfriend. This gives you time to get your head together and work on yourself. 

Giving up on relationships altogether

Girls give up on relationships completely after they have just had a breakup. They make up their mind to never date another man ever again. If the girl has been cheated or dumped, she thinks herself to be in capable of being loved. 

Getting drunk

Most girls drown themselves in the sadness of a breakup by getting sloshed. This is a bad idea because all it does is give a terrible hangover, making things even worse. And, just in case you are high and end up texting your ex boyfriend, you are simply asking for trouble. 

Trying to get back to your ex

Irrespective of who dumped who, it is never good to get back to your ex. Once the anger stage is over, you might find yourself missing your man, but you shouldn’t go back because few weeks down the line things might get from bad to worse.

Stalking your ex

You need to resist the urge to check up on what your ex is doing, as this might upset you even more. You need to keep away from his public profile, and track what he might be doing or who his new friends might be. Doing this will drive you nuts even more.


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