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Things that can Give your Groom-to-be Cold Feet

Having cold feet on the wedding day is a common phenomenon. However, being ditched moments before the wedding can be gruesome for the bride.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 30, 2015

Don't Ruin her Special Day

She has dreamt of this day since she was a little girl. And, now when the day has arrived she is all set to leave behind her parents, friends and the house she grew up in to take the next big step of her life. The wedding day is the most important day in any woman’s life and her dream can turn into a horrific experience if the groom-to-be has cold feet before the wedding and leaves her right before the wedding. So here we tell you a few reasons why men get cold feet before their wedding so that you can combat them in time.


While you are dating or during your courtship period, there could be issues which could surface, which must be resolved before the D-day nears. However, there may be times when due to various reasons you did not get enough time to talk about those problems. Before you start approaching your wedding day, try to talk out things because unresolved conflicts and an on-going disagreement can give your man cold feet.

Not Ready for Lifestyle Changes

Nobody wants to put an end to their carefree bachelor life. Being a couch potato on a Sunday afternoon instead of buying matching sofa covers any day feels better to most men. Marriage means turning responsible for the other person and most men are not good at it. So, your mom could be drawn away from the altar when he realises this fact.

Can’t get Over his Ex

If your groom-to-be was in a serious relationship, was engaged or was married before you met him,the probability of their ex crossing their mind every now-and-then is very high. Before you take the big decision, consider various factors such as how quickly he started dating you, whether he has children, how quickly he jumped into getting married to you, etc. Thinking about ex does not necessarily mean that he wants to get back with them. But to cover the risk, you must give them a reality check.

There is a Lot of Pressure

Getting married, having kids and having a family of their own, are things most women are prepared for. But not all men are ready to take these major steps in life. Therefore, the constant pressure from family and the fiancée can drive them nuts and make them have cold feet on their big day.


Girls mature faster than men and this is not just a belief. The reality is also somewhat similar. It takes men some time to match up to the mental abilities of a woman. Thus, it takes them a little more time than usual to understand the importance of behaving maturely towards taking some of the biggest decisions in life.

Age Gap

Although for most people age gap does not have a significant role to play in their relationships, there are some people who can make big deal out of it. While a younger woman makes a man feel experienced and sexually attracted, dating an elder woman can be exciting because she is more confident and open about her sexuality. However, all these are perks of a relationship, which cannot be translated into a relationship. A big age gap in marriage can be worrisome for a few men.

Financial Issues

Financial issues before marriage can be troublesome. If a man knows that he will not be able to run a household after marriage, it can wreck havoc on the relationship. Also, hiding it from your partner is another sin. On the D-day, when you are all set to tie the knot, your troubled bank accounts can give you a cold feet.

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