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Things that can Deflate your Erection

Here are some reasons why you cannot have a proper erection.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 19, 2014

Unable to Rise?

A man who cannot get a decent erection? Now isn’t that a shameful thing! After all the excitement and expectations there it goes right down the drain. The bulb just refuses to light up, and everything becomes dark after a few short lived flickers. A deflated erection is a cruel joke for the other person waiting to be loved, and it is a catastrophe for the person experiencing it. Such a thing can often be the result of certain things that you are not careful about. Let us take you on a tour to all things that kill your sexual experience.

Drinking too much Alcohol

While you may want to act cool by drinking excess alcohol and boast to your peers regarding your capacity to hold your drinks, the truth is that excess alcohol is bad. Too much alcohol can interfere with your erections and you will be unable to get to it. Having just two drinks is fine, but overdoing it may be dangerous.

Any Stressful Event

You really cannot get in the mood for sweet loving when you are stressed out. Men who have a lot of duties and commitments are often found to be lacking a good erection, and this is due to stress. Stress takes a toll on many different parts of the body and the overall health. You need to make lifestyle changes and deal with stress.

If you are Fat

While on one hand you are definitely going to get less action because you are not very appealing physically, the bad news is that if you ever get any action you will not rise up to the occasion. Out of the many side effects a fat man faces, this seems to be the most heartbreaking one. Obese men produce less testosterone which is needed for sexual desire and erection.

If you are Depressed

When you are depressed you do not really want to have sex. Depression can thus affect your erection and cause you to grow less interested in sex. Experts say that there is a biochemical component to depression which could make it difficult for you to keep an erection. Chemicals help brain cells to communicate to stimulate blood flow to your penis.

Being a Smoker

Here is another downer. If you think you look like a man when you smoke then think again. You will get a completely different picture when you are making love to someone. Cigarette smoke contains around 41,000 chemicals and this is not exaggeration. These chemicals cause damage to the blood vessels in the body and disrupt bodily functions.

High Blood Pressure

Having healthy blood vessels and sufficient blood flow in your body is essential for getting and keeping that erection of yours. Uncontrolled hypertension can make your blood vessels less elastic and you will be less able to transport the same volume of blood. Blood pressure can therefore make it difficult for you to hold on to an erection.

If you have Diabetes

Studies have found that men who have diabetes are two to three times more likely to have erectile dysfunction when compared to men who do not. This again has to do with the blood flow in your body. As you have poorly regulated blood sugar, this can damage the nerves and the small blood vessels that are controlling your erections.

Bicycling for Long

If you are a bicycle enthusiast then you have bad news. The news is bad because a research said that long distance bicycling can put you at the risk of erectile dysfunction. This was published in 2005 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.  It had found that 4 percent of male bicyclist who spent at least three hours every week cycling experienced moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

Taking Medicines for Prostrate

Taking medicines for prostrate can have side effects such as erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in some men. The drugs tend to reduce the amount of dihydrotestosterone circulating in the blood which is the male sex hormone that helps to maintain your sex drive. Same is true for medicines for hair loss which is quite frequently taken by men.

Hormonal Conditions

Certain hormonal conditions can also cause you to have a deflated erection. These are hypogonadism which is the condition affecting the production of male sex hormone. Then there is overactive thyroid gland wherein the too much of thyroid hormone is produced. Reversely, you can also suffer from underactive thyroid gland.


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