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Things that a woman should never leave her home without

Every now and then, reports of women being molested, cat-called and mugged emerge from every corner of the world, which naturally draws out a conclusion that every woman must leave house, prepared. How? Well here are a few things that a woman must ca

Mind Body By Onlymyhealth Staff WriterMay 29, 2017

A Weapon

No, we are not asking you carry knives or guns but you surely can carry something that can be used as a weapon when in need. A sharp bun pin, a hair pin (a sharp one), a nail filer, and whatever you can use as a self-defense weapon. However, do use it in only extreme needful situations.

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A spare cell-phone

A dead phone can cause serious troubles. If you are traveling at night or to an unknown place and suddenly your phone runs out of battery, an extra phone can save the day. If your phone is dying due to lack of battery, a spare phone can come in handy. Just keep one basic cell-phone in your bag and you can switch to it in emergencies.

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A pepper spray

Go old school; keep a pepper spray in your bag. You can buy one from an online store. Keep one in your bag or even better; keep one as a keychain, so that you can just use it instantly in times of emergency. It can temporarily disable your attacker.

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Smart applications in your smart-phone

There are many applications available that allows you to stay safe by keeping a track of your location. These applications are available for Android, iPhones and Windows phones as well, so you are covered no matter what OS you are using. Along with safety apps, some other applications like applications to book cabs and taxis are something that your phone must have.

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Some hard cash

Although it’s the era of plastic money, some hard cash can come in real handy when in need. When leaving house, get in the habit of carrying a substantial amount of money because you never know when technology betrays you, leaving you with no money even if you have credit and debit cards. I mean, you card can get declined anytime. Do carry at least 2000 INR to 3000 INR in your bag. No money can land you in many problematic situations.

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