Things only a girl growing up with a single mom will know

Mar 16, 2016

  • 1

    The last resort

    Your friends ditched you; your date isn’t showing up, she is always there for rescue. You can count on her always when everybody else has backed out. You can go to movies with her, have lunch/dinner breakfast date with her and she won’t ever say no.

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    You are the only one

    Since you are the only one there, you don’t have to fight for her attention. Getting undivided attention from your BFF is always the best thing to have that one could ever ask for.

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  • 3

    Gossip girl at home

    You don’t even have to walk out of your place to gossip. You and your mom can gossip about the most random thing all day, all night long. And all your secrets are safe with her. However, she doesn’t neglect good parenting part.

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    Your own emotional cushion

    A guy broke your heart, you are being bullied, you have school troubles, and she is your emotional cushion that is there whenever you need it.  You can just sit there and cry on her shoulders for hours.-

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  • 5

    Everything you need to know

    She can teach you things that you need to know to survive the world out there. She has seen the world and she knows it all. She is your first teacher, she will teach you things about guys, about school life, about everything that you need to know. And no one else could a better life coach than her.

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