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Things that Dating Women Regret About their relationship

Being in a relationship has its own pros and cons. However, for some women, the biggest con of being in a relationship could be the feeling of regret. The causes of this feeling can be many. Here are some of them listed for you.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Dec 29, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Being Committed!

Each relationship has its positives and negatives. But, there are certain things that make a woman regret when she is in a relationship. The cause of these regrets could vary largely; from not being able to stand up for yourself to comparing your relationship with that of your friend’s, all these thoughts can hammer a relationship. While men often are accused of taking the relationship for granted, women do also commit the same mistake, which can become the cause for a break-up. Here are some things that dating women usually regret about.

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Losing Singlehood

Most women crib about not being able to find the right match for themselves and that happens because most women have a checklist in their mind, if not in the purse. However, women who do manage to find love get struck with the feeling of regret of losing their singlehood. As soon they are committed, other side of the hill starts appearing to be green. They have a fear of bidding adieu to their singlehood which loads them with the feeling of regret.

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Not Professing their Love

Women can be careless too. Be it their work or their family responsibilities, there can be many reasons that can keep a woman away from confessing her love to her partner and saying those magical three words. There are many people who complain of not getting enough opportunities to show their love. But, the fact is that every moment brings an opportunity for you to say those magical words and turn a usual and dull moment into a special one.

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Having their Roles Fixed

Women are in a habit of performing all household chores on their own. Moreover, they worry a lot about doing all the jobs perfectly. While doing so they often forget to learn other things which are left to their husbands. This brings a feeling of regret in women. So, you must know that when you take charge of performing all the chores of your house, you can never take a holiday. Also, it is always good to learn new things and have your partner more involved in the jobs related to household.

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Comparing Relationships

You must know that your relationship isn’t as bad as you will make it when you compare it to someone else’s. If you can be so convinced with the fact that every person is different, why would you have doubts over having a love story which is different from that of others’? Stop complaining about how much your relationship lacks in comparison with that of someone you know. When you start longing to see changes in your relationship which are inspired by someone else’s you develop feelings of regret which eventually can cause a split.

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Not Taking a Stand for Yourself

No matter how much respect you hold for your partner, if you don’t stand up for yourself at least once in a while you will put yourself in deep regret. When you let your man take lead of the relationship, it would gradually make you feel unsatisfied with the relationship. If you feel something isn’t right, you must raise your voice instead of standing at a corner of the house looking at things happen.

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Not Being able to Convince Partner to Exercise

As you age, exercise starts to a very crucial role in your life. So, as a woman it becomes your reasonability to ensure that your partner eats well and workouts regularly. However, if you do not succeed in convincing your partner for a workout session leading to their deteriorated health, it may be a cause of distress and regret in many women. In such conditions, instead of letting it go off, you must keep persuading your partner until they accept defeat and put on their sneakers to exercise.

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Not Being Friends with his Friends

Almost all committed women feel it pleasant to be around their partner’s friends. However, there are few exceptions who fail to find common interests with that set of friends thus, they find it very uncomfortable to spend time with them which in turn gives birth to the feeling of regret. This feeling will also make you hangout with your set of friends leading to separate social lives. This may appear to be fine initially but its repercussions will surely strike your relationship later.

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