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Things you should not Miss Out Doing on your Honeymoon

For many, marriage may mean coming out of the comfort zone and discovering another part of you. If not on your honeymoon, when else can you set yourself out on such a discovery?

Snr By Vasudha BhatOct 20, 2014

Live the Fantasy

Marriage brings with it a swirl of emotions. While on one hand it makes you ecstatic about the beginning a new life with your partner, on the other hand it can give you cold feet thinking about the horde of responsibilities. But, before you start undergoing these mixed emotions it is time to celebrate your togetherness and what better than a honeymoon to give you the opportunity to enjoy the fantasy element of marriage. To help you relish the trip to the fullest as a couple, do our recommended list of things.

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Witness Sunrise Together

This may leave you with `what's new in this?' expression on your face but believe it or not, watching sunrise with your partner surely is fun. Wake up early to catch up the first glimpse of sunrise together. Doing so will bring a feeling of a fresh start for the newly-weds.

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Order Food for Each Other

When you marry a person who you have dated for a long time, to know their likes or dislikes is obvious. But in those cases in which the couple is together for the first time, it becomes necessary to know each other's intricate details. Thus, ordering food for each other can be your first step towards discovering your partner.

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Make your Dining Experience Memorable

You can use your dining experience to create memories which you will treasure for a lifetime as a couple. Have a lavish fine dining experience by ordering a bottle of expensive wine, Champagne or anything exotic. To make it more romantic, play some slow and beautiful tracks in the background.

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Do Things for Fun

Honeymoons are meant for couples to have fun on even when it comes to getting between the sheets. Don't treat sex as a serious business. Do playful things in the bedroom even if they appear silly. Have a pillow fight or chase each other around the room.

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Do Things that will be Forbidden at Home

Talk about each other's fantasies and make sure you try them out. Who knows you may or may not get a chance to do them at home while other people are around waiting to knock at the door at the drop of a hat.

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Have Some Individual Time Together

Being married does not mean you have to stick around each other all the time. Doing so will soon make your relationship succumb to boredom. Even when you are together in a room, do something that you’d be doing individually. This helps to you create an individual space in a relationship.

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Have a Couple's Spa

Honeymoon is all about relaxing. Apart from visiting all the places with beautiful scenic view, take some time out to have a couple spa and relax for sometime together.

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Preserve Moments in Pictures

When you have some candid moments of your partner captured in a camera, you will have memories captured with you which you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Get Adventurous

Do some activities that can trigger an adrenaline rush in your body. Try bungee jumping, take deep sea dive or do snorkeling. Doing these activities will help you see how caring and supportive your partner is.

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