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These vegetable juices can help you stop hair fall

Vegetables are always good for health and juice of certain vegetables can cure baldness and stop hair fall.

Exercise & Fitness By Namrata Dutta / Aug 09, 2016

Vegetables and your hair health

About fifty to a hundred strands of hair fall in a single day is considered as a normal human scalp consists of 10000 strands of hair but if you think that every time you brush you lose about a hundred strands of hair. Losing hair nowadays is not a very uncommon problem these days, owing to the polluted environment that we live in, the constantly fluctuating weather and the kind of unhealthy lifestyle that we lead. People are so annoyed with this issue of hair fall that they have tried everything to get rid of this issue. However, there are always alternate methods and there is a natural cure to the problem of hair fall also, vegetable juice. Yes, vegetable juice can cure your problem of hair fall. Take a look.

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Coriander Juice

Now, coriander is an ultimate green leafy vegetable and can be a wonderful health supplement. Coriander can be added to all the dishes as a staple garnish but very few people are aware of the fact that it can help one have long shiny hair and can also cure hair fall. Yes, if you can just have a glass of coriander juice daily, you can expect improvement in hair and skin quality. Apart from drinking, of you apply coriander juice on your scalp; you can have smooth and silky hair and also, the problem of baldness will be cured.

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Garlic Juice

Just like onion juice, applying garlic juice can be very beneficial for alopecia and other baldness issues in men and women. People often lose hair in illnesses, onion and garlic juice is especially beneficial for that sort of baldness. It increases the blood circulation in scalp; provide nourishment to the hair follicles. Garlic is amongst the best and natural solution for hair growth, hair fall and great quality of hair. Not just applying, but if you are including garlic in your diet, you can expect a lot of health benefits.

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Onion Juice

If you are having massive hair fall and if the hair-fall is due to some illness, onion juice can do wonders. Yes, applying onion juice is a great home remedy for baldness in men and women. The antiseptic qualities of onion can help you have a clean scalp. When you apply onion juice on your scalp, the juice gets your blood circulation on your scalp running, curing the baldness gradually. However, onion juice on your scalp can give out a really bad smell; it can be mixed with a little rose water and later must washed out with a mild shampoo to get rid of the odor.

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Carrot Juice

Rich in beta-carotene, Carrot juice can give you beautiful and shiny hair. Yes, carrot juice will not only give you black lustrous hair as well. Many a time, people lose the natural color of their hair along with losing hair strands, abnormally. The beta-carotene component can heal the hair from within, restoring the natural color of hair and curing hair-fall. Also, Carrot is a great source of Vitamin C, which stimulates a smooth blood flow. This Vitamin C can promote hair growth. You just need one glass of carrot juice a day and you will see the difference in the quality of your hair in about a month, plus, carrot juice is savory.

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